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I know this subject gets beat to death, so apologies for that.Beating_A_Dead_Horse_by_livius.gif



I've just come back to skiing after being out of it for 24 years. 2009  was my first time back. I picked up snowboarding in my late teens and have been on one until  2009.


Things have certainly changed since the 80's LOL, I skied Dynastar 185's back in the day. I picked up a pair of Elan MAG 8's 168/74 two years ago and it was like I had never left the sport. I jumped right back in it. I got about 30-35 days in last year.



My problem is, I get my ass handed to me on these skis in deeper snow





I'm on a budget, so I have to make my one ski count. I ski mainly Steamboat Springs, but will also go to Winter Park, Copper Mountain, Vail, Beaver Creek.


I'm 41 years old


225 Lbs

Level 6-7 Skier

I Ski in bounds but have trouble on my skis I have now when the snow starts to get deep, 168cm, 74mmhissyfit.gif



Looking for a Ski 175<

Something in the 95-105mm range


Do I need a really stiff ski at my weight?


I don't quite understand the what I'm looking at with regards to the skis specs, i.e. 130/95/122

I know the middle number is waist width, are there certain specs I should look for?


How do I tell how stiff a ski is?


These are the skis I have been looking at,



Volkl Mantra

Line Prophet 100

Line Prophet 98

Dynastar 6th Sense Slicer

Movement Sluff

Movement Source

Elan Spire

Nordica Enforcer

Fischer Watea 101

Fischer Watea 98

Rossignol Experience 98

Rossignol S3

ON3P Jeronimo

High Society FR 104

High Society FR 92

Salomon Shogun

Salomon Sentinel

Liberty Morphic

Surface Watch Life




Will all these skis basically preform the same? Or are some of these better suited to me than others?


Thanks for any help


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