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I Need Help!

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As I've mentioned in another thread, I'm leaving tomorrow to go ski Portillo.  I'm trying to take along as little extraneous junk as possible and awhile back I bought an iPad2, thinking I could do all my computer stuff without taking the computer.  So far, everything like browsers and email and photo dumping and such work fine.


I just realized yesterday, however, that I seem to be unable to use the iPad to take a photo from iPhoto (or editing app PhotoGene) and post it in an EpicSki thread.


I've tried putting the photo on Flickr, copying the image location URL, and then pasting it into the reply box on Epic via the image  tool, but the only option I get when I click on the image tool with the iPad is an "Enter the image URL" dialog box.  When I paste the image url into the box and hit "Okay", the screen changes, it blinks, then returns to the reply box but nothing has happened.  


I do get a little note saying "The rich text editor is not compatible with your browser. You may see some HTML source displayed. AnyBBCode you enter will be converted to HTML when you save."


I've also tried copy/paste from the image page on Flickr, but when I paste it into the EpicSki reply box, all I get is the image identifier text, not the image itself.


Does anybody have a solution to this problem.  I'm a moron about computers, so no suggestion should assume that I know anything.  


I'm really trying to avoid taking the laptop along, but as it stands right now I can't post photos in my Portillo trip reports using only the iPad.  


That sucks.  frown.gif


Can you help?

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I'm curious to see what comes back. The iPad is great for some things. But I threw in the towel a while back & just take a portable if I need to do anything meaningful with docs or images. Drop Box helps with certain things & maybe could be nudged in this context - maybe... ? Etc. In the end, the device needs a doc/picture handling "upgrade" IMO. Maybe I've been missing something too...????


Regardless of iPad challenges - have an awesome time Bob!

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If you can figure out what source the image tool actually produces on a computer that works, you could (potentially) write out the same thing by hand.  Those little tools don't do anything magical; they just automate creating the embedded links.


You could also report it in the bug report forum, if it seems like it *should* work and it's not working.


Edit: removed test code.


The "insert image" thing actually didn't work properly for me -- it seems like that tries to create an embedded image on EpicSki's site and then link to that, rather than embedding an external link.


If you go to the Flickr page of the photo you want to share, under the sharing dropdown in the top left there is an option for "grab the HTML/BBcode".  If you copy-paste that text into your post (you may have to switch to "source" mode in the editor), it will embed the image directly from Flickr's server.  (You want the stuff that starts with " < a href = ... " and ends with " < / a > " and includes a link to


e.g. the following code:


<a href="" title="P4092132 by matthew_ivester, on Flickr">
<img src="" width="375" height="500" alt="P4092132">


produces this:




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I think that may have worked...

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It apparently DID work.


Many thanks, Matthias99.

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Originally Posted by Bob Peters View Post


I think that may have worked...


[In my best Rodney Dangerfield] Eh...look at that mouth, looks like it should have a hook in it...[/In my best Rodney Dangerfield]

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That's a GREAT picture Bob!!! 

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Phew, emergency avoided. We almost had to wait until Bob got home to see his great photos. Luckily he knows, we cannot handle that. Thanks to Matt for saving us and to Bob for satisfying our insatiable need for his work. beercheer.gif
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