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dynastar pro rider 115 or huge rocker

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Im in the market for a one ski quiver for the big mountain trips and deep powder days if im lucky enough to get them...im a big skier...6'2" and 235 lbs on a good day and 37 years old...but im an advanced/expert skier and ski hard and fast...normally outpacing most down the mountain...i would like to get a ski that can handle the deep pow days as well as the high speed groomers when i dont get lucky enough to get the big dumps during my trips out west...i figure a rockered ski in the 110-115 underfoot would prolly work best to keep my size up and floating the pow...i have been looking for a while and have settled on 3 choices so far...i know how choosing a ski can get with the umpteen million choices out there...so im looking for some opinions from some bigger stature hard chargers out there that may have any of these in their quivers.
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The Answer is a bit damper, the HT is a bit more playful. If you like to straight line and make big GS turns, the Answer. If yo like to play more in the trees, the Huge. Since you mentioned hard charger, I would say the Answer. I have them both in stock and will pass along a killer deal on either. Shoot me a PM if interested. 

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Ya sure shoot me a pm and price all 3 if ya got em...max lengths...may even pick em up...first trip this year is planned for tahoe early december
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Dynastar Big Dump and Legend Pro 115.

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Ya i saw that...damn good prices...i think im leaning toward the 6th sense huge rockers now though...all the reviews ive seen are fantastic and they would really fit my style and needs as an all mountain ski

anybody have any time on these skiis...would love to get more feedback before i pull the trigger on a pair
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I had the original HTs (flat - no rocker) and traded in for the LPR 115 (got em from Start Haus) which I am very happy with, my HTs were a bit heavy for me and left me worn out sooner, for me the LPR 115 is a lighter feeling and very easy to ski in the trees,


have not skied the Answer tho



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Thats one of the things ive worried about with moving up to a ski that size...im just thinking ill hafta train that much harder before my trips to compensate for the weight and girth...thx for the feedback
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Did I mention "Free Shipping"?

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This is what Erik Roner had to say:


"I would say in pure powder the 115 is better. It's a softer and floatier ski. But the Huge trouble is great in powder and can charge the rest of the mountain better."


From the discussion in http://www.backcountry.com/dynastar-6th-sense-huge-rocker-ski


The mntlion deal is great if you decide to go the 115 route. I know evo had Huge Rockers cheap not long ago and I'd imagine they'll go back on sale, so keep an eye on it.

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I ended up going with the huge rockers...after everything i read about them vs the HT...the rockers were better everywhere...it came down to the rockers and the LPR 115...and after seeing that BC.com thread and getting a price of $374 shipped from evo it was all over...theyll be here in a few days!
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Now i need to start thinking about what bindings to pair them with...griffons...jesters...well at least the hard part is done...or is it?...lol
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