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Brakes bending

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Hi, I just bough a pair of Volkl Chopstick 2011 and im wanting to buy Marker Jester Schizo (2010) Bindings and I dont really want to pay an extra 60$ for a new pair of brakes so are the Markers bendable? If yes whats the best way to do it? I need to get it from 110mm to 128mm Thank You.

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Sure you can bend them. You need a vice, a vice grip (like pliers that lock) and a pipe that fits over the brake arm. It will be pretty straightforward from there. Clamp the brake arm with the vice grip, lock the vice grips in the vice and then bend the arm with the pipe.

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Adding a little heat never hurts either.  I've heard of quite a few botching the job on FKS's.

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You can also sand the inside of the little plastic piece at the end of the brake arms. I've only done it on Marker bindings but there is a lot of excess plastic on the inside of that piece. I use a belt sander but you could use any sanding device. You just have to be careful not to sand all the way through the plastic as that piece will fall off.

You'd be amazed how much wider you can make them by just sanding these pieces down.
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Ok thank you guys i will try sanding the pieces of plastic before bending the brakes and when i bend them should i get them red or it will make them weaker?

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Look at this pictorial description of bending brakes:


Bending wide brakes is actually easier than those shown here because there is plenty of material out away from the center assembly to grab onto. I'd be careful about adding heat since the metal will conduct heat all the way out to the plastic and you might end up ruining the plastic parts.

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Looks very good thanks for the help i will use the way with vice grips and pole but are Markers hard metal brakes or average? I looked alot of forums and people said Markers are very hard to bend with pole technic and will need some heat?

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