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It's here: early rise GS ski

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Rossignol's New GS Ski Turns Heads at Mt. Hood - Quickly    

Rossignol’s new early-rise tip GS ski was the talk of Mt. Hood this summer as ski racers from across North America saw and felt the difference in their skiing and timed results.  


Be sure to visit http://racingusa.rossignol.com for more details.

The massive snowfall of the 2010-11 winter season provided an ideal and effective training ground for the North American alpine ski racing community including members of the US Ski Team, Olympians and today’s current up-and-comers.  

Rossignol Test Center staff members were on-hill each day from June through July ensuring prompt attention to the on-hill demands of campers and athletes alike. Highlights over the summer included: 

The first of it's kind 2011/12 Radical WC GS debuts: 


  • This innovative World Cup GS ski boasts an early rise tip which eases turn initiation, allowing skiers to take more aggressive lines and clock faster times.
  • It also features Rossignol's new Cascade Tip technology for a lightened swing weight and powerful tip torsion resulting in quick, adaptable and smooth turn initiation.
  • The inclusion of new size offerings in 170 and 175cm, available with the I-Box Composite plate, further propelled Rossignol’s industry-leading charge down the fall line.  


Bart Pierce, owner of Pierce Skate and Ski in Bloomington, MN spent three weeks organizing demo equipment from multiple ski brands and added, “Rossignol was consistently the solid performer from junior sizes all the way to adult. I am very pleased with the changes that Rossignol has made to the GS skis with the Cascade Tip and addition of early rise.” 


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I found this in my inbox and didn't notice that it had been discussed yet.  Rossignol doesn't indicate that it conforms to the new turn radii requirements.  nonetheless, i though an early rise tip on a gs race ski would get some attention round here. dave


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How are they???????


Did you get to ski them yet?? If so any noticeable differnce, especially when initiating the turn???



P.S. If not, please report when you try them.....

Tnx, again..

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