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Ok so I was offered a job with copper moutain as an entry level ski instructor, now the decision is whether to except it or not.


I worked at Copper and I know this job.  a) you'll be babysitting b) you're not going to work every day and certainly not 40 hours a week c) it's usually more of a piece rate based on number of kids, returning kids, etc.  No way I'd ever take a job as a ski instructor at any resort.

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i have fond memories of summit cty. Working at copper was ok, the main thing was the pass. Not too hard finding reasonable place to live. Definitely less attitude than aspen or vail and not too far from boulder for some diversion.

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Parking is no issue for a local (Which is what we are talking about), I have a $150 pass which is just a 5 minute walk to Gold Peak that comes to about $2 a day to park over a season. No issue at all. Then there is free bus service everywhere else. On Mtn food is expensive, but so it is for most large resort areas but if you commit to 15 days at Ski School its all half off, for a local thats a killer deal for a minimal commitment over a whole season ( oh yeah I also get a free all resort pass for me and my family and a locker ). Celebs go to Aspen or Sun Valley, not many come to Vail. We get Wall Street. AS far as massive over development it pales compared to many European areas or even Whistler/Blackcomb, but that just means we have more restaurants and services available. Flat and Rolling? Yeah compared to Jackson or Snowbird sure but there are many steep lines if you know where to look and few resorts have as consistant snow and great weather as Vail. I have skied with many so called "extreme" skiers from Telluride to Squaw who could barely keep up with my group of 40-50 year old locals.


So keep in mind the conversation as where to ski bum, not to go on a random day trip.



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I have to laugh at this. I certainly have zero jealousy of Vail, rather I consider it to be the epitome of everything that is wrong about ski culture. You can have your flat rolling mountains, your expensive food, your pay for parking, your posing celebs on parade, and massive over-development at the base. .


The pass prices ought to be low at a resort that charges money to park near the lifts. nonono2.gif






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I work 100% virtually for a huge company based in New Jersey - you couldn't pay me to move there and play the BS games with those people, but I find balance living here (I am a DC native and have been in CO for 13 years - I was 28 when I moved).  I take meetings on Berthoud Pass pull-offs when I need to concentrate and it's icy, Blackberry checkins on the lift every few runs, and forget about it.  Mountain Time Zone is a beautiful thing as your day stops early and you can finish up later if you need to.


When you can define work as something delivered, rather than time on clock, you may find your perspective changes.  Most of life is not all or nothing.  If I were 27 and single, I'd find a job in my field in Denver and live/work in LoDo.  Work your way out from there.  Great year round quality of life, beautiful girls (they do like money even in Colorado, in case you haven't heard) and you can ski 30+ days without blinking.


I love just living here.  People in the West work to live, they don't live to work (for the most part).  The pace of life is slower and the quality of life is much higher.  I can walk outside right now and see snow caps, and that alone helps me feel like me.


Finance is a great field, just use it in another profession.  When you can put business thinking around financial assessment you can carve out a strong niche for yourself and begin to separate work from commute/cube.  I have a Finance degree and have never worked in Finance, but it is a core strength.


As for moving straight to Summit Country for $9/hr in the winter season with a 2wd car?  There are easier ways to go West, young man.


Good luck with whatever you decide, getting here is the big part.







This post was really helpful, you seem to sum up the way I feel. I am starting to lean towards find a job where i can use my degree rather than starve making 9 bucks an hour working at the mountain. The issue is deciding what field to pursue. I have a finance degree but I really do not want to work a finance job anymore. Any suggestions?

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Find a town that offers skiing and work in the same day. A good sized population that you can market yourself and do  4 hour shifts @ odd hours working making good money as a professional, and then spend 6 hours in the ski bum life.  It's all about proximity and scheduling, and marketing yourself that allows you to be available on non powder days.  Answering service appears very professional and makes you money!  Good Luck!

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what he said^^

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