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DB Cooper

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I heard on the news that the FBI says they are "hot on DB Cooper's trail". If DB has been holed up in a ski town somewhere for the last 40 years and any of you guys have been skiing with him you might want to tell him to lay low.

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I heard he was BASE jumping somewhere in the Alps.  wink.gif

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You're not supposed to jump the BASE, you're supposed to touch it when rounding the corner. Don't those people in the Alps know anything about Baseball?

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I've already emailed him...

Back in the mid 90's, in Aspen, my roommate and I both worked at the Hotel Jerome. He did night audit, the overnight front desk shift. He'd made a DB Cooper name badge and wore it every night; almost no one caught it.

Apparently the guy the FBI is checking out has been dead for about ten years, natural causes.
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I thought for sure he would have been in Crested Butte. I hear that is the place to "disappear". Aspen is kind of high profile for a hideout.

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