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What size of ski?

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I'm buying last years Kung Fujas and I'm trying to decide between the 179 and 189s. I'm 6'6" and weigh about 200 lbs. I'm used to riding shorter skis and I love to hit both the park and powder. What would you recommend?

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And I'm also wondering where I should mount the ski. I seriously ride park and backcountry about 50-50.

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At your size definitely 189's.  Twins ski approx. 10 cm shorter.  Mounting them center will make them seem even shorter.  I would say mounting point depends on what you do in the park also.Get a marker Schizo and you can manually move the bindings fore and aft. They are a little pricy but it would absolutely take care of any dilemmas.  See if anyone on here has any in stock.   Worth a look.  Hope this helps.   Dave

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Thanks a lot for the advice!

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What Daveski7 said plus this: The Schizo Demo binding weighs less than the Schizo, or at least it did last year.  You need to adjust two screws instead of one, but that should not be a problem.  The Demo is usually found for less money than the regular Schizo.

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