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Currently I am using a pair of '10 Line Masterminds. I bought these thinking I was going to spend a lot more time in the park but that was definately not the case. I am looking for a good all mountain ski to replace these but I am not sure what to get. I live on the east coast and mainly stick to groomed trail, but I do go to the park with friends from time to time so twin tip is prefered but not necessary. I was thinking about the volkl mantra or kendo, thoughts?

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I've also been looking at the Volkl Bridge, any thoughts?

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east coast skier here.  i go out west once a year with my brother. he has the bridges.  he likes them and says they are solid and stable and a great ski.

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Bridge or Kendo... the Mantra feels a lot heavier and wouldn't be any good in the park IMO.  And the kendo would be better for east coast groomer skiing.

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What are the main differences between the bridge and kendo? Is it worth it to spend the extra money for the 2012 model or should i try to buy the 2011 models? Also, I am going out west next year (Jackson Hole) and I want to be able to do it all.

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The Bridge is probably more versatile with the twin tip and I'm sure will float a little better in powder at 95mm vs. 88mm for the kendo.  That's speculation on my part, however, as I've only skied the Mantra and Kendo.  The 2011 models are all good so it really depends on how much you want to spend or if there's a specific change that appeals to you - I know the 2012 kendo is almost identical to 2011, but not sure about the Bridge.

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I bought the Bridge after skiing it in 18" of fresh at K-ton last February.  I floated nicely and skied great. 


I spent the rest of the season (mostly in the Poconos, but also a trip to Sugarbush/ MRG) skiing them in everything...EC ice, packed groomers, slush, old crust, trees and everything in between.  The Bridge handled all conditions quite nicely.


I defintiely recommend the Bridge as a solid ski.



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Don't forger the Line Prophet 90, that is a fun twin that can carve a good turn.

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Thoughts on the 2012 Bushwackers?

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Bushwackers?  Hated 'em.  Try Sollie Enduros or Sentinnels.




How well you are able to ski is related to how hard you are willing to fall.

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The Bridge is a solid ski. The differences between the Kendo and the Bridge are numerous. The two main differences however is the Kendo has metal topsheet(pretty stiff for tricks) and it is not a twin tip. The Bushwacker is a great East coast ski but also is not a twin tip. Ask yourself how important is going into the park for you? This will help you make your choice easier as to twin or not. As Phil said also, Prophet 90 is a good choice too.

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Also, twintips ski shorter by about 10 cm. Take this into consideration when deciding length.

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Honestly the park is not important to me at all. I just want a solid all mountain ski; also I plan on taking a trip to Jackson Hole so I want to be able to experience everything the mountain has to offer. I really want the best all around ski for around $600.


Not sure if this makes a difference but I am pretty tall and skinny; 5'10" 130 lb

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Also, I'd say I spend about 60-70% of my time on groomed trails

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Taking park out of the equation I personally would lean towards the Kendo or Bushwacker then. The other thing to consider is your aggressiveness. Do you want metal or not? That IMO would be the main difference in these two skis is the stiffness. Kendo has it, Bushwacker doesn't. I am a lighter guy myself and opted for the latter of the two but that is just me. Hope this narrows it down for you a bit.   Dave

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What is the stiffness like of the prophet 90 compared to the bushwacker and kendo?


Would the prophet flite be a better ski considering my size?

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