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East coast resort improvements this summer (2011)

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What news do we have about east coast improvements this summer? 



I have a few, but I will just start with Killington...




Killington is tackling a number of projects this year, including:

 - Demolition of the Killington Peak Lodge and Restaurant in preparation for a new lodge installation in the summer/fall of 2012.

 - Removal of the South Ridge Triple (WHAT!?!?!), scheduled for replacement "in the future"...


 - Removal of the hairpin turn on Great Northern transfer from North Ridge to Snowdon Mountain.

 - "Enhanced bump terrain" on Conclusion on Snowdon Mountain.

 - Additional trail/glade traffic flow improvements on Snowdon Mountain, Bear Mountain, and Skye Peak.

 - New lift-served tubing park near the base of Snowshed/Grand Hotel area.


 - Replacement of old snowmaking pipe and purchase of hundreds of new snow guns/hydrants/valves.

 - 4 new groomers.

 - New rental equipment

 - New electric/water/optic fibers to Killington Peak.



Photos of peak lodge demolition and tree-cutting on Great Northern:





What do you all think of this?  And what other news have you heard regarding the eastern resorts (WEB LINKS APPRECIATED!!)



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The planned improvements at K sound great. I do remember one day last year when the Skye Peak quad was closed because of a gas leak or something. The only way to access the rest of the mountain from there was to ride the Bear Mtn. chair & traverse over to the South Ridge chair to ride that up. I guess they'll have to open the crossover trail which has been closed if they ever have a similar situation. I truly hope that they not only put a new chair in South Ridge but have plans to expand the terrain & snowmaking. It really is a great section of the mountain that is under utilized.


As for improvements at other resorts the only one I know of is the replacement of the Forerunner quad at Stowe which I'm sure most here already know about.

Here's a few pics from their site showing some progress:http://summer.stowe.com/mountain/photo_gallery.php



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Here is what I know (only places I'm near/frequent)


Mountain Creek in NJ Is putting In a new base lodge


Mount Snow in VT


-replacing the chairs on the high speed quad to the summit,  now have more padding and foot rests.


-Replacing the summit triple with a high speed six pack bubble lift.  http://mountsnow.com/new-bubble-chair/ 


-Increasing their fan gun fleet, and replacing some water pipes on the mountain for snow making


-Increasing the coverage on the mountain to 99% (up from 80%)  (dont think that this will be done for next year but i know its in the works)


- building a new snow making pond.  Work started this year I believe but I am unaware of when it is scheduled to be completed.  This will be completed before the coverage is increased.


-more to come in future years.  More/new lifts, and a new base area.


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Originally Posted by skisalot View Post

Here is what I know (only places I'm near/frequent)


Mountain Creek in NJ Is putting In a new base lodge


Yes, but do you think they'll be able to get the "tent smell" out?

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My local hill (Roundtop, PA) is replacing a double chair with a quad and adding a run under the new lift. http://skiroundtop.com/new20112012.htm


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Any others guys!?!?!

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Hunter, NY - quad replaces 2 doubles on west side

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painted the red chair at Magic!
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Gore is updating and increasing the snowmaking.  Here are the details from a summer 2011 interview with Gore General Manager Mike Pratt on Harvey Road NY Ski Blog:



Some quick quotes from the interview:


Mike: We're undertaking our most significant snowmaking upgrade since we tapped into the Hudson River in 1996. We're buying and installing 130 new fixed location HKD Impulse Tower Guns.

These guns have extremely high energy-efficiency ratios, multi-flow operational flexibility, enhanced cold weather energy savings and 30’ towers to gain hang time as well as pivoting and lean out capability. We demo'd one on on Echo last season. The performance was excellent.

NYSkiBlog: Where are you going to put them?

Mike: The new guns are going on Sunway, Otter Slide, 3B, Quicksilver, Sleighride, and Sagamore. Currently there are 50 fixed guns on those trails that are being displaced. We'll refurbish them and move them up to Sleeping Bear and Pete Gay on the North Side.
We're also installing fan gun receptacles at towers 2, 3, and 4 of the Gondola. This will allow us to move our fan guns into place and cover the Arena quickly. The air/water guns that are freed up will also be moved up the mountain.

NYSkiBlog: When we talked about snowmaking last year, you said that Gore could make 15 acre feet of snow each day. How will this affect that number?

Mike: Many mountains quote theoretical numbers on snowmaking capacity. The number I gave you last year — 15 acre feet per day — is an actual, and fairly conservative number. At times we would make more snow than my estimate, but we couldn't do it consistently. Early season is the toughest time to make snow, and that number was a reasonable estimate for capacity at that time.

Currently, we aren't getting maximum snow production from our pumping capacity. This is primarily due to our limited number of guns, and our limited number of energy-efficient guns. This additional hardware will allow us to approach 30 acre feet of snow a day. We'll be able to use our water capacity more efficiently and productively — especially during the early season.


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Any others guys!?!?!


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Gore has modest improvements for this winter.  They are rebuilding the bar and outdoor deck space, adding a lot of snowmaking and expanding off-trail terrain substantially.   It will also be possible to take a train from Saratoga Springs to North Creek.  That ski train will connect to Amtrak at Saratoga.   

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Killington is building a new outdoor deck with umbrella bar.

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Originally Posted by Paul Jones View Post

painted the red chair at Magic!

And doubled the number of chairlifts that will run!


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I doubt may Bears will care, but Massanutten in northern VA replaced the last original double chair with a triple.  Together with the conveyor loading put in the last couple years on both lower lifts, will make it that much better for intermediates on weekends.  A nice little place for kids to learn that is near DC and far enough away from Florida.

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Stratton has 2 new blue trails in the Sun Bowl this year... cut over 2 years ago and finally opening.

 -- Rick's Catch 22

 -- Rising Star


They also appear to have expanded glading or future trail installations on skier's left of Lower Downeaster (called Sunbeam in the past)... between Lower Downeaster and Gentle Ben.



The new trails are highlighted in yellow below:




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Last I heard Bretton Woods was still in the process of cutting more glades on Mt. Stickney. They opened a few what they call "Backcountry Glades" last year and were planning to continue work on the area until ultimately adding a lift or two over there at some yet determined point in the future. 

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Blue Mountain -


2 "new trails".  Razorback (connects Dreamweaver to Razor's Edge) and Little Gap (connects Chute to Burma Road).  New fan guns, luge training camp, summit lodge got a fancy makeover.  I know I'm forgetting something else.



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The New Jersey Herald reports on the new lodge and other additions to Mountain Creek for the 11/12 season. They have a novel new method of delivering  rental equipment to the customers.



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