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New skis to replace Icelantic Nomad SFT

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I lost my beloved Nomad SFTs on the mountain last year (apparently ragdolls go further down rocks than skis). Ski patrol didn't want to risk the same tumble I just did, so they left them up there.


About me:

6'4", 165-170 lbs

Formerly aggressive skiier (hoping to be the same as last year, but will have to wait and see how my body copes with my old style)

Non-practicing CSIA level 1 instructor


What I thought about the Nomads (181cm):

+ Good float in powder (wouldn't even mind a bit less float TBH)

+ Flex was juuuuust right for me

+ Good on groomers (when they still had edges)

+ Really stable feeling.

- Really long turn radius, hard to get through tight trees. Didn't love them for moguls either, they always wanted to go fall line or nothing.


Right now, the only pair of skis I have are a set of Salomon Foils, 174 with a core shot. I hardly used them last season, and I see the same for this season. So the new ski is pretty much going to have to be a one ski quiver. Unless I can get one uber fatty and a 90-100mm ski for cheap, but I doubt it.


I also want to slap a set of touring bindings on these skis and get off the resort. Mostly sidecountry, I doubt I have the endurance or patience for true backcountry.


Might as well get the big question out of the way first, can I afford 2 sets of skis with bindings (one touring, one regular) for $1000? I somewhat doubt it, but thought I should ask.

What length should I go for? I really liked the stability the length gave me, but not a fan of how it basically froze up in tight quarters.

Should I get rocker or not? I don't care much about performance on groomers as I always choose trees or moguls over groomes, but I still want a few turns on groomers, I guess.

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look at Duretskis i like it!!!



there are good skis with the same spirit of icelantic...



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What sites should I be keeping an eye on for deals? Are any sites selling/ going to be selling off old stock? Or has that time already come and gone?

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As for deals... you can get liberty deals on promotive. Just become a supporter of this site and you can get on the promotive site. Double helix might be just what you are after.

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Seems that by reading other threads I just get lost in all the BS trolling and masses of skis being recommended. Anybody care to recommend a shortlist of 85-115 underfoot skis for a light skiier?

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