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you need to check out the last scene, over 10 peole jumping at the same time...

Edit: embed the video for easier viewing! 

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That was awesome. Can't wait to watch it when it comes out in September. Thanks for the share.
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Oh, my God.  That's fantastic.  icon14.gif icon14.gif


Are you the TobiR featured as one of the skiers?  Any chance you're the one in the deeeeeeep powder shots at about 2:04?  


I hope you'll stick around Epic and post often.


Thanks for the link.

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BTW I see on the site that the film is coming in September and will be free biggrin.gif

Any more details on a solid release date and where will we be able to view said film. Are you/they going to post it on the Legs of Steel Vimeo channel?
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Wow!  Great trailer for what is bound to be an epic release!  Can't wait to see the whole film!

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So it comes out this month? Has anyone here seen it?

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Originally Posted by wyzz7 View Post

So it comes out this month? Has anyone here seen it?

Ive been waiting for it. It debuts this weekend at a film festival in Montreal, but the free online version doesn't go online until October 26th.
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It is premiering in Montreal at this very moment...too bad I can't be there for it.

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Love the music....mind blown right here.

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