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Locked Ankles

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Last time I was at a boot fitters he said I had locked ankles. But, I'm not sure what that specificly means. I'm sure it refers to a decreased range of motion. But, direction and distance of what I'm not sure.  I got the impression that it is an old age thing.


What does the term Locked Ankles mean to a Boot Guy? Is it refering to the up and down range of motion of the balls of your foot, the horizontal rotational range of motion or something else?


If I need to do stretches, it would help to understand what it is I need to stretch.

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to me it would suggest all round tightness in the ankle joint, i would describe it in different ways to my client depending on the findings from my assessment..... my best guess (without seeing you) is that he was referring to a lack of dorsiflexion at the ankle as in the up and down range that you described


next it muscular or something structural (bony block) you can stretch muscles but can't do a lot about a block in the bone...if it is muscular then some simple stretches will help a lot ...and yes they do work, if you are not sure what ones to do then take a look at there are stretches and strengthening exercises on there look for gastrocnemius and soleus stretches

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