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New online putting fitting tool from Odyssey

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Pelz is at it again.




It's slick. It asks questions about putting that were new to me. Try it and see if you learn anything?


The fitting process is interesting, but it is not recommending models with long shafts available. I know I've seen Odyssey belly putters in stores. Am I missing something?

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This is pretty cool, especially if you are an Odyssey guy. I have been bouncing back and forth between an Odyssey Mini Marxman and a Nike Ignite mallet, not that I can figure out either at this point in time. I don't know of anyone locally that actually fits putters,Dick's is one of the only golf stores left in my area,they are not the most qualified fitters around. I think what I do is adapt my putting around the putter I choose and it should be vise versa.  Dave

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Interesting marketing tool. I use a Ping Anser 3. The method of fitting that I use is to pick a length / lie that positions my eyes directly over the ball when I have a comfortable stance. For "technique", I use the "Quiet Eye". My routine is :


1- Plum bob to find the line

2- Take a few practice strokes while looking at the hole to imprint the distance with the force needed into my brain. I'll pick a spot past the hole for uphills and closer for downhill puts.

3- Focus on the ball so I can read the logo and pull the trigger without delay.


If the gods are with me, the putt drops, if not, I'm left with a tap in or maybe a two footer on really long putts.


Last year my short putting got so bad (mental anguish induced) that I used a LEFT HANDED Ping Anser 3 for two weeks to clear the cobwebs. Figured I couldn't putt any worse.  When I went back to right handed I was making everything from 4 feet in.



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Interesting. A little gimmicky but hey...  I took it. Recommended me a White Ice #1, which is basically just like the TM Daytona I'm using. so now what's my excuse??


In all seriousness, I am a huge fan of the information that Dave Pelz provides, though not so much of the instructional recommendations he makes. I have played twice this summer and tried the Stockton method of not taking a true practice swing. Fascinating. I putted really well. My distance control was substantially better than last summer, even though I really haven't played. Last summer I started using a slightly toe down position at address, a la Steve Stricker, and have found that my short putting has substantially improved and I start my putts on line more consistently.


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Although the recommendation shows only 3 shaft lengths available, in the online shop there are many more options. Unfortunately for me, the longest option is 39". My current belly putter is 41". Interesting how an online fitting tool does not recommend shaft length. Hmmmmm.

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I had gone down to a 33 inch putter for years and then decided that I would like to lock my elbows to my side a little more than I had been and would like a little more "swing". So I extended back to a 35. Never tried the long guys but I try to swing my putter as if it was a belly putter and let the head release. That also made a huge improvement in my distance control.

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