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The CrossFit Games

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opps ,The Reebok CrossFit Games ,can't forget the sponser


The CrossFit Games ,live feed starts this Friday.



Watch my old a$$ get kicked in the.50-54 masters division.

When your tired of that watch the young guns for some real fitness.

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Live feed, that's cool.


Good luck.  Keep us informed on your events.  Congratulations, it's quite an accomplishment to be going.

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Kick Butt!!!, Good Luck!!! & please keep us updated!

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Send photos and I'll feature your old a$$ on the homepage!

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Lobo, what do you think about the Rx weights?  Will that be to your benefit?  Those are well planned WODs.


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2010 Highlights



I like the WODs.

#1 plays to my strength,OHS i'm hoping to do very well in that one

#2 will be a struggle.

#3 should do good ,muscle ups are solid,the 135 thruster will be slow but doable

#4The Chipper. Who knows,its all doable its gonna depend on the cleans and burpees I think.

JUST KEEP MOVING,breath when its done.

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Good luck LOBO.


Two years back, when I was 54, I was using CrossFit for several ski related WOs, a lot of the Box Jumping. I was prolly in the best shape of my life that ski season, well at least since I had quit cigarettes for good 7 years earlier.


Funny thing though, my knees were not happy while skiing. Even "my good knee" was doing stuff that made me wonder what had I done to myself? Apparently I had forgotten that my cardio condition is/was more solid than some of my over-used body parts are. The pounding I was putting my legs through was beyond my patellas ability to NOT slowly disinegrate, so no more box jumping. I'm back to lateral jumping on level ground over a rope.


CrossFit is like anything else out there, you can make it great, or greatly f-%# yourself by not considering the intensity and technical aspects of some of these moves.


Wish I had discovered it when I was in my twenties, I could have saved a ton of time in the gym and had much better results.

Got to love a full-body workout.



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So what do we have, Steve.  Looks like the competitors came out of the woodwork this year!  WODs were really tough.


I see 12th?  How about some feed back.

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12th overall, with a 7th place on WOD 4 "The Chipper"

It was fun ,each WOD had some element that should have been done a bit better (by me).

WOD 1 ,all reps done unbroken but a tad to slow. I've done those OHS much faster just couldn't get them going

WOD 2  ,there was a 4 way tie at 185,I tried 187 and came up short.

WOD 3,I got 1 no rep on a muscle up and one on a thruster,2 guys finished with in 30 seconds of my time,so if I had those no reps back......

WOD 4,again 4 no reps on wall ball 1 on the clean and one or two on SDHP. No big deal I'm happy with my time .

Just a couple subtleties on each WOD and I'd of had 8th and would have gone on Sunday.

Oh well ,I'm happy with 12th in the world.

By the way 135lb thrusters are heavy

And Gord Mackinnon is a beast of a man

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Originally Posted by loboskis View Post

Oh well ,I'm happy with 12th in the world.

By the way 135lb thrusters are heavy


12 in that line up is great.  And I wouldn't know at 135#, haven't been there yet!  Sounds like the experience of a lifetime.


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The elusive bar levitation,Yoda taught me well

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