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All Mountain Ski Clinics

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With no ESA clinics scheduled this year, I was looking for some suggestions on similar ski clinics that folks have found worthwhile.  I am interested in doing a clinic this year, and do not have any prior experience to draw from.  With limited research, I have migrated toward Clendenin Ski Method, Breakthrough on Skis (Tejada-Flores) and NASTC.  Any input on the good, bad and/or ugly from these or other clinics?  Not looking to break the bank, and would do from 3-5 days.


Thanks for the help.

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There are so many. It would be good if you supplied more info. What are you hoping to get out of a clinic? What is your skill level? are you looking to focus on technique? On groomers or bumps or steeps? Is it tactics and how to deal with terrain and conditions that are a bit out of your comfort zone? or do you want to learn the mechanics of skiing and making better turns on groomed snow? Do you have a prefernce as to where it is?


Many ski areas have various clinics as part of their ski schools. I have heard that Taos has a very good ski week clinic. You ski half day every day for a week in instruction and the second half of the day free ski to hone or solidify skills learned. It's relatively cheap too. But if it's less lesson and more adventure you're after, maybe a steep n' deep at Jackson is your ticket. The ones you mentioned are very different from each other...

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Thanks for the note.  I am a level 7/8 skier and looking to continue to gain experience and improve in bumps/trees, ungroomed resort and off-piste.  I am definitely looking for more lesson-oriented all-mountain programs to ensure I receive as much input on technique and tactics.  Any input on the differences, pluses/minuses, etc. related to the ones I mentioned in the original post, or others would be welcome.  While East is easier for me to access than west, I am willing to travel for the right experience.  Thanks.

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