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July skiing on the Midi and skin to Helbronner for coffee.

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See below,
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We have been having October in July, I suppose to go with the July we had in March and April. 

The other day it snowed down to 1800m, but it didn't clear, yesterday it did. 

Heading out the door, ,hoping the clouds are dropping not rising. 


A little further out the door, for those who don't know the place, the slope to our right is the shallow angle one and only drops 300m (1000ft) the other side drops nearly 3000m! 


A relived looking Susie hard part of the tour done, time to ski. 


Skis on, the ridge in front of us, just poking out of the clouds is our destination and the Italian border 


Not as soft as we'd like but nice snow for July none the less. 


Me enjoying some turns 


And captured from above at almost the same moment - the gondola in view is our ride home. 


Yes the Whippets (ski poles with built in ice axe) are a bit of an overkill, but their nice poles 


Susie again 


Me again out onto the flats, just enough angle to glide - for 3km (2 miles) 


Skining on a glacier can be a bit of a challenge at times sometimes the way ahead looks like this 


And sometimes like this 


From above you get a much better idea. 


After an hour of uphill, coffee in sight 


The Helbronner lift station is under reconstruction - but being Italian they are doing it while the current lift is still running, notice all the tourists milling about on the snow, none of the ones walking towards us had any gear whatsoever. 

Our ride home back to France 



www.idriskis.com - Environmentally friendly freeride skis.

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Ops double post

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Awesome pics!

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There aren't too many people I say this about, but I envy where you live.


Absolutely beautiful.


Thanks for the report.

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Always a pleasure to see your Cham posts.  Way to take advantage of it when it is there!


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Oh, & that snow looks plenty soft to me wink.gif.

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Incredible.  I love every one of your posts.



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Amazing trip report!

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