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So, im looking for some new boards to ride next year. Got myself a pair of gotamas last year so im all set for fatties, but my non pow skis are a beat up pair of fischer rx8s that are about ready to be replaced.


Im an instructor, and im thinking that ill give the level 4 a shot next season, so basically im looking for a ski that would be good for teaching and going on course. My rx8s were awesome, but im thinking i want something a touch stiffer for my next ones. A slightly (or fully) turned up tail would be nice too, so i can ski/land backwards on groomed snow at least without fearing for my life. Skis on my radar so far include:


Salomon enduro

Fischer progressor 10

Dynastar course ti

Nordica fire arrow 80


Any comments on the list above, or any other skis to add are appreciated!