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Quick question -


Just picked up a pair of Prior 175s and wanted to know if anyone had ridden these / mounted them on the marking and had some advice? Don't know a lot about these but they are not a truly bi-directional ski so won't be mounting them true centre but are a wee bit softer that my lines/seths (expecting them to be super turny and not as stable at speed). Reluctant to go with the factory marking (marked boot centre about 3/5ths of the way down the ski) but no two thirds of nothing about how to measure up the "centre" of the ski (not helped by the fact that there are a thousand different theories on this)....


Hoping to get them mounting this week and take them out next w/e so any tips would be much appreciated. Will follow it up with a decent review once I have had some time on them. Any other general tips on mounting and backing out the centre of the ski would be much appreciated