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Fischer Watea 84

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Hey everyone,

I'm looking for a new pair of skis for next season and I've narrowed my search down to what I think is a winner, Watea 84. I wanna get some feedback from anyone who owns these or has skied them etc.

I'm 5'11" 180 so I was thinking the 176 cm.

I'd say I'm intermediate to advanced, do my skiing in NH and VT most of the time, ski a lot of groomers with the girlfriend, off piste and bumps a lot with the guys

Previously I've been riding some older Atomic Beta Ride R11's which i believe are 170 cm.

Thoughts? comments? it's all appreciated!

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This ski has been well reviewed here. Did you try the "Search Forum" link?

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ahh i hadn't thanks for the help

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Some thoughts from a non-expert but educated consumer regarding the Fisher Watea 84.


I believe you will find the Watea 84 gets solid, positive reviews as an all-around ski, and is enjoyed by those who ski it. It is several model years old and should be available at some very good pricing. There will not be a lot of "buzz" in the Epic community about an older 84 waist ski.


The one aspect I would caution you about is that the Watea series from Fisher is considered to have a soft snow bias as opposed to a hard snow bias. Fisher makes several skis better suited as eastern hard snow carvers. It would be better for a western skier than an eastern skier. such as yourself when in Vt or NH. That is not stating it's a bad ski for the east, but, if you have a one ski quiver, there may better choices. You can choose to accept some performance issues on harder snow knowing that the east does have softer days, especially in late season, where the Watea 84 would be more in it's element. Again, not knockin the Watea 84, just trying to add to your knowledge base prior to buying.


You can get a ton of info in this gear forum just by paging own and looking at threads regarding carving skis.

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curious, did u get the wateas?  Have u skied on them yet?  I have a pair and like them a lot.

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Originally Posted by BigWest View Post


curious, did u get the wateas?  Have u skied on them yet?  I have a pair and like them a lot.

I did get them. Unfortunately it's been a little dry to start the year in the northeast so I haven't put them to use yet. 

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Cool.  Enjoy.  Great everyday skis - can handle just about anything on or off piste.  Tears thru crud better than any ski ive ridden.  Not bad in powder (for 84).  Theyre just fun and easy.  A little squirly on ice though - but not that bad.  I ski in CO, UT, and CA  

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Atomic Betaride R11? What did you buy the Fischers for at all? Thats a great ski even if they are a few years old.

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