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Marker Chin Guards

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Hi Folks,
Great site and discussions. I'm looking for a chin guard for a marker cheetah jr helmet for my son. I purchased the helmet and later found out that the helmets have been discontinued. I have contacted Marker and they were unable to help locate a guard. Does anybody know were I may purchase one or if there are other brands that would work. I would appreciate any help you are able to forward. As I really do not want to purchase another helmet this year.
 I just realized that I had posted this in the wrong forum earlier (Snow board discussion). I do appolagias for my mystake.
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Have you checked skisharp, snowshack and Reliable Racing? They may be able to help you. It's a long shot looking for parts for discontinued products. You have to act quickly because they tend to get trashed.


BTW - I'm taking care of that cross post for ya.

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Thanks BTW for looking after that cross post. Yes I have checked with skisharp, snowshack and Reliable Racing. It appears I will be purchasing a new helmet & bar. On the bright side, I will not need to be taking the bar off and on when changing from GS and SL. Again thank you.

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