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I have a pair of Fischer "Presidents"  SKiis with bindings. The binding were bought with the skiis. They were my Uncles skiis. They were used like 3 or 4 times according to my mom. Then put in the shop in 1972. They were my Uncles and when he went away to college....he never came back and used them. He was a linebacker for UCLA, BYU and University of Hawaii in those days. Anyway....I have them and want to sell them.


I flipped them over and they looked great underneath. couple rock scrapes but very minimal.  and they just need to be worked and you could ski on them.


It appears the only thing is the clear coat is coming off on the edges that are steel. The black painted part is AOK. My buddy said an airbrush painter could sand it down and shoot a new coat of clear.


 They are 205s.


I dont know how to post photos....but if you email me I can send you some.


I have no idea what they are worth.