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I've been skiing only for about a year and when i get older i want to a professional free skier, but my family is kinda poor and my brothers are helping me get a pair of skis. I'm goanna be getting (I really hope and pray) the Salomon Lord skis, im goanna be getting those because for one, they're all around skis and meant for powder, park, alpine, downhill racing, groomed, ungroomed, two.........well that actually is all wink.gif, anotherwords they're great for everything. I just want to know what can I do to make my career possible when i get older, because I dont know what i should do, and i have a passion for skiing i just love love love it! I always thought I would have a chance at it....and i did, for instance my 3rd time skiing i could blow doubleblack diamonds away! but that doesnt mean im rlly good at all. Well if someone whos been skiing for along time respond and help me out please do, because I want to live my life happily and give life to me a whole new meaning of enjoying and having fun.