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Skis for my wife - help with where to start

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I'm hoping that you guys and girls can give me some advice on possible brands/models for me to start looking into further for some skis for my wife.

She is 5ft 2in and 132lbs. She is a very experienced snowboarder and we have both decided to get more into skiing this year after trying it a bit over the last couple of years. Most our time is spent on groomers or off piste in bounds but we are also wanting to get into a bit of back country skinning too.

She currently has a pair of Volkl Dogens we picked up cheap a couple of years ago, but given they are twin tip park skis as I understand, probably aren't best suited for her needs. She feels they chatter a lot and would like something a bit more stable. She'd also like something that's good in firm crud which we get a lot of here, and could also handle the odd back country powder day.

She's of an intermediate level, so I guess she doesn't want anything too stiff? I've recently picked up some Volkl Mantra's which I love, but I think a female verson may be a little too advanced for her current level, although she is progressing quickly. Are there any female models similar to the Mantra but maybe not quite so stiff?

Does anyone have any recommendations as to skis which may suit her, so we can start having a more detailed look around, as we don't really have any idea where to start at the moment?
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The Aura I believe is the female version of the Mantra. You would probably look for something a little softer at that ability though. START with boots first though. Absolutely go see a bootfitter and get properly fitted with an appropriate boot and then go from there. As they say here on Epis, you date a ski, you marry a boot!.   Dave

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Sorry for the delay in reply, but here goes......

First of all, I think she'll be well suited to do some demoing, but if that's absolutely out of the question, then try some of these and see if they fit your short list ideas.


IMHO The Volkl Aura(women's version of the mantra) is not the ideal ski for what you're describing.  I get the idea that you'd like to find her a nice mid fat that is okay off piste but is going to be a groomer ski for the most part, and you want something that is suited for an intermediate/advanced skier.


Some skis that I'd choose from are:

stronger on the groomer side

Rossi Attraxion 8

Rossi Temptation 78

Blizzard Viva 8.1

Nordica Cinnamon Girl


Stronger off piste

Atomic Elysian

Blizzard Black Pearl

Fischer Koa 84



Hope these give you some ideas.



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You mentioned BC touring... the easiest to implement bindings for inbounds and BC mixture are going to be the marker royal family line they ski well inboudns with any type of boot and tour ok.  Good enough if you plan to tour only occasionally.


Dynafits  are more the no compromise touring binding. They ski as good as any other bindings our there ( with a touring option) and tour far and away better than any step in bindings. The only time they would be annoying in the resort would be getting on / off of trams / gondolas would be a bit of a pain and don't expect them to stand up to 100 day seasons of skiing moguls or something like that. Also you need to have boots that are dynafit (tech fitting) compatible. Probably means you will need new boots as well as skis.


As far as skis... I would recommend something 85-95 under foot and tip rockered (better double rise) if you want to mix BC and in bounds use with a bias towards firmer conditions for both but will being able to provide enough platform for weird (crusts and upside down) BC snow.


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