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Time to replace my beloved rx8s

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It was probably time a few years ago but now they feel dead :(


It's been a while since I shopped for skis and I'm at a loss.  You all helped me pick my fischers which I loved but I'm thinking about trying some skis a little wider underfoot - but I like the tight turn radius.


Right now I'm shopping on paper so come November I can take my list to the mountain and demo away!  I ski VT mostly with an annual (or thereabouts) trip somewhere fun.  I think this year is UTAH!


I'm 5'2".  I've never been fond of women's skis - I always felt they were just too light.


I'll ski anything but mostly piste (not much off piste in southern VT).  I love the moguls but I'm not great at them.  I've been skiing for 28 years and consider myself at least advanced if not expert.  I've always liked the skis that seem to POP from side to side but as I get older I'm thinking maybe a cruiser - that still performs well in the bumps would suit me.


Here's my list (I'll update if you all can suggest others):

Line - Celebrity 90 (although I've read some reviews that said kids were skiing them so I'm not sure about that)

Atomic Blackeye Ti (my husband has these but I think they'll be way too heavy but worth a freebie try)

Blizzard viva 8.1 (and maybe 7.6)

Dynastar Eden 85




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At 5'2" you are kinda limited to "woman's" skis, I will say there has been much less "shrink it and pink it" in the past few years there are some strong shorter woman's skis out there such as...


midfat carvers/ east coast editions:

Nordica Infinite & Conquer

Blizzard Viva 8.1

Atomic Vf D2

Kastle MX78 & LX82

Rossi Attraction 8

Dynastar Eden 85


All of the above skis are strong enough for a man but made for a woman.


Not a fan of the Volkl (too stiff for bumps) or K2 (has the light feel you don't like) offerings in what you posted as far as desires.




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I've been really happy with my Fischer Motive 80s. Turn tight, handle bumps and mixed snow well. Hold fine on hardpack. Fischer feel, fairly lively. Big sweet spot, not demanding.

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The topsheets on those RX8's are still intact?  I thought they all peeled off after 1 season.

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Nope, the top sheet looks good!  Maybe I got lucky?!


Thanks for the suggestions Phil - I'm going to go check those out!

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