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Sundial Lodge Condos at Canyons, Park City, Utah

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We are considering purchasing a 2BR condo at the Sundial at Canyons primarily as an investment.  Any Owner's out there that can give us any advice, suggestions, you should know abouts, etc. before we buy.  Do you feel this would be a wise investment right now with prices where they are.


Anybody rent a condo at the Sundial in the past?  What do you think of the place?  The good, the bad, and the ugly.





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Any rentail property investment is risky in the current market, but it is the time to buy. Canyons/Park City is a huge draw and by far the most convienet travel destination for skiing in North America so having a place there is never a bad idea for personal use or investment purposes. I guess the question you have to ask yourself is, as an investment are you still going to enjoy the property if it does not rent? There are many locales and places in the area so choose wisely.

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My biggest concern would be the amount of inventory in the PC area?   Ultimately you have to ask yourself the question," Is this were I want to spend all my vacations"? 

If the answer is yes, then go for it!

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We stayed at the Sundial for our first "family" trip to Utah (myself, my wife and 2 young kids ages 9 and 5).  It was in spring 2002 just after the Olympics wrapped up.  If my memory serves me correctly, we had a 1BR unit on one of the the upper floors.


All in all, we really liked the place.  The condo was very nice with upscale furnishings and it just felt comfortable.  Others may disagree, but I liked that it was too not close to the action of downtown PC.  We felt somewhat removed, but close enough to all the amenities of Main Street, Utah Olympic Park, etc.   The only downside that we noticed was lack of a real swimming pool.  They had a "plunge pool" next to the large hot tub for cooling off, but not really for any kind of swimming.  I remember hearing something about plans to add a real pool, but not sure if that ever happened.


I have to say that first family trip was what it took to get the wheels turning.  The day after we arrived, my wife was so impressed with the mountains, and snow, and lack of humidity, and Park City, that she extended our stay.  It took about 5 more years of annual ski trips before we moved to Utah.

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I own a condo in Kimball Junction area near the Canyons. Wish I had waited until now to buy. Values seem like rock bottom. Park City is a great place and seems like it has a great future. I would not limit myself just to the Sundial though. Pretty sure there are some great deals to be had. Unfortunately, lots of foreclosures. If I had any money, which I do not, I would try to scoop up a steal. Also, as people say, Park City is great in the summer as well as winter. 

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I own next door, but can give you my general perspective:

1)  Talikster has cash and they spend it the right way.  They know what locals and tourists want, and they will do whatever it takes to give them the best "skiing experience."  That means they will get more skier days and you will get some rental income.  The advertising campaign for The Canyons last year was outstanding.  The management of all the properties is generally excellent.

2)  The more the Grand Summit books conventions the more rental income you are likely to get, particularly off season.  Bookings have gone down with the economy but are improving.

3)  Real estate is a crap shoot IMO regardless of what the realtors may think.  It seems things have bottomed, but who knows?  When the economy improves rates will start to rise.  What will a 200bp rise in rates do to real estate prices when the cost of a mortgage increases by 25% or more?  So long as you use the unit a few weeks per year the time it takes for RE and the economy to rebound becomes less significant.

4)  The Park City area is a resort destination, not a place to visit for 6 hours a day.  Die hard skiers may drool over Alta and Snowbird for good reasons, but the fact remains that most skiers on vacation also want a town with shopping, restaurants, museums, etc.  I think the key to additional skier days (and your rental income) is not competition with the other two local areas.  The real issues are the national economy and competition with the Colorado ski resorts. 


Good luck with your purchase!


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My daughter and I stayed at the Sundial for four days in March '09.  It was clean, nicely furnished, well cared for, and not pricy.  Overall, quite pleasant.  It does have a pool now. 


Canyons was a great place to ski for our skiing abilities at that time.  There's not a lot of greens (which didn't bother us), and most of the slope mileage is blue/blue+.  At that time I wasn't ready for serious blacks, moguls, etc., but my impression is there's enough at the Canyons that I'd go back there now. 


Downsides -- which may be out of date: 


1.  At the time, it was kind of a hike from the Sundial to the gondola lift.  My understanding is that's changed now that they've moved the gondola.


2.  The base village was pretty slow and unexciting at night.  Not a lot of options for dinner with kids.  We took the free bus into Park City two nights out of four.   

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Talikster has done wonders with the village and base area.  The gondola was moved so it is maybe a 1 minute walk from the Sundial.  A new heated orange bubble chair is where the gondola was (at The Grand Summit) so the wait to get on the mountains is minimal or non-existent on most days.  There are now decent places to eat in the village and more spots on the mountain but...most people will still want to go into Park City since there is so much more there plus all the shopping.


Regarding expert skiing: You completely missed 9990 (a whole mountain of black/double black) and a ton of runs you never saw since you didn't go through any trees or off Super Condor (all lift accessed).  The Canyons has a lot that the blue groomer/occasional black run tourist never sees.  What the resort doesn't have, as you noted, is enough green slopes for beginners who want to experience the mountains away from the Red Pine Lodge area. 


PCMR and Deer Valley have more beginner slopes.  All three areas are great for intermediates with DV being the most groomed (overly groomed IMHO).  PCMR and The Canyons have enough to keep experts happy, but neither can compete with the totality of the expert terrain in Alta or Snowbird.  The Park City area obviously has a bunch of shopping, museums, restaurants, etc.

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I don't know anything about Sundial, but last year I went back to The Canyons to try out the new arrangements and I thought their improvements were just great.  They took away the problem of having a bottleneck at the Gondola in the morning.  I guess in terms of buying property, I would say that their expansion and changes showed a committment to detail.  However, you never really know what kind of financial well being a ski resort may/may not be in.  Having said that, I will definitely be hitting The Canyons again soon, even if it means flying out there on Friday night, skiing Saturday and half Sunday, then flying back late evening.  Its so easy and convenient, and the skiing is just great in PC.  I love it out there.

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