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QTR 7/08/11, 3 days out from surgery, long road to recovery!

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Im so glad to have found this forum and to read the thoughts of others who are going or who have gone through this unbelievable injury and recovery from it to a normal existence!  Kudos to you all.  I defintely think the toughest part is going to be the first 6 weeks with the imobilizer and NWB but after that, life will begin to take on some semblance of normalcy, am I right? 


Im 55 y.o. and still in pretty good shape, remain active with my cycling and working out at the gym.  Ive lived in San Diego, CA for the last 25 years and throughly enjoy living in what is pretty much a sportsmans paradise.  Where else can you take in some downhill skiing in the morning (Big Bear) and surfing in the afternoon at La Jolla shores beach?  Although I havent been doing much skiing or surfing, Ive been somewhat active cycling.  Fiesta Island in San Diego has been my training choice as it is very close to a measured 4 miles around the island, all in one direction with minimal traffic, and mostly flat terrain with terrific views of Mission Bay at every point of the circumference of the island.  Its a favorite of a lot of pro cycling outfits and just cycling fanatics in general.


I usually started my rides after work and on weekends which would include leg stretches and some yoga stretches, squats, and then at least 3 laps (12 miles) and sometimes up to 5 (20 miles) laps around the island.


On 6/23/11 I had just arrived home with my wife and dog and parked the car in the driveway when my dog spotted another pooch on the other side of the street.  Before I could grab his collar, he bolted out the door and down the driveway headed for a very busy street during rush hour traffic.   Without saying I had to at least attempt to save my best friends life so I ran after him and just as he entered the street, (I was a mere 4 feet behind him),.i tripped on uneven pavement which made my step with my right leg shorter than it should have been, putting it in an over stressed angle of support just long enough to cause my Quad tendon to rupture after which I fell straight on to the kneecap.  The pain was excruciating of course and I had a gut wrenching feeling that this was no ordinary fall.  I noticed first that there was a concave "gulley" of sorts just above my kneecap!  And as much as I tried, i couldnt stand up to save my dogs life or my own.  Luckily I didnt fall down in the road or things could have been much worse!


I sat there totally helpless and watched my doggie run across the street with cars buzzing by in both directions at 50mph without getting so much as a scratch!  He made it safely to the other side and introduced himself to the other dog totally oblivious of what had just happened to his "Daddy".  The lady walking her dog thankfully held my dog until my wife could go get him so, all I can say is thank God he wasnt killed or it would have just added to the shock of the incident by a huge factor. 


Paramedics rushed me to the hospital where I was diagnosed with a patellar tendon rupture which was later changed after RMI to qauadricep tendon reputure.  My rupture happend inches above the patella, which required a lot of suturing to attach the tendon back to the  quad group of muscles.  My OS said the surgery took about 3 hours.  Wow!  This repair requires the combined skills of an OS and embroidery artist:)


Im three days post op now with full immobilizer on my right leg.  I cant drive and my wife doesnt drive either which places a LOT of extra burdens on us to get groceries.  We are now totally dependent on friends to take us anywhere.


I thought I was in good health and that my quads were one of my best muscles as far as tone and strength in my entire body.  Could this strength have added to the liklihood of the injury happening?


Well, Im trying my best to think positive considering the long road that lays before me.  I would enjoy it greatly to hear from other folks out there who are in similar situation with this injury or who could just shed a few rays of hope or knowledge on my situation.



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Wow--you're lucky you didn't have to undergo knee replacement. Hoping for a great recovery for you!

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Hey Socalman,


Sorry to hear about your injury.   I'm from San Diego as well and had a full avulsion QTR on my left quad (ripped right off the knee cap).  This happened 3/24 while I was squatting at a gym off Balboa.   Dr. Tonks from Sharps did my surgery.  

You are right:  the first 6 to 8 weeks are the most difficult.   I'm well on the recovery trail today but wished I was more patient the first 6 weeks.    Don't do much of nothing.


On another note:  there is a complete thread on this at the top of the "Fitness and Injury" section.   From your response I think you wanted to stay in that thread and accidently (pun intended) started a new thread.    You should go back to that thread and repost by just hitting "reply" to the last post.   You'll find over 30 people over there with the same or similar injury.  


Good luck.  

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 A lttle hint keep your calorie intake down, you'll pack on the weight if not. after mine and more than a year I gained 40 lbs.

I feel for you.


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