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Fishing Lodge Photos - Painter Creek Lodge in Alaska

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Hi, all.


I'm a realtor in Jackson Hole and through a serendipitous set of circumstances I have a listing for a fishing lodge in Alaska.  It's called Painter Creek Lodge and it's on the Alaska Peninsula about 450 miles southwest of Anchorage.


It's a truly amazing place.  It's only accessible by airplane (or boat if you want to travel 100 miles of open ocean and then 50+ miles up a river with rapids and gravel bars and boulders, eetc.).  While there, you fish for four of the five kinds of Pacific salmon (kings, chum, sockeyes, and silver, or cohos) and beautiful resident and sea-run Dolly Varden.


The lodge is for sale and you can get information from my website


The lodge is also fully operational and you can book trips if you'd like by visiting the Painter Creek Lodge website or calling the owner, Jon Kent, at 907-248-1303.


I'm going to put up photos from the lodge here on an ongoing basis.  That's mostly because, believe it or not, it's easier for me to post a photo here and then link to it on pages I build on my website than it is to go vice-versa.


This first set of photos is of a lynx that spent the evening in front of the lodge a couple nights ago.  The lodge sits at an elevation of about 400 feet above sea level in an environment of cottonwood trees, meadows, and alder/willow brush.  There is an incredible variety of wildlife, with the big mammals made up of Alaskan brown bears, wolves, moose, caribou, wolverines, and lynx.


The grassy lawn in front of the lodge is the nesting site for a colony of ground squirrels.  Like ground squirrels in many wild environments, these guys multiply rapidly through the summer mating season.  Being at the bottom of the mammal food chain, however, they also make a very attractive target for both winged and four-legged predators.


Here's what one of the ground squirrels looks like normally:


3-Cute Al - email - Painter Creek Day 2 6-27-08 023.jpg


Here's what the lynx looked like while standing guard over one of the squirrel holes (just to the left in this photo):



And here's the lynx just managing to catch one of the squirrels:



It's a tough life up there.  I've watched raptors flash down out of the sky and haul these squirrels away, and I've also seen a wolf camped out about where the lynx was.  Despite all the predation, the ground squirrel population seems to do extremely well and there are always plenty of them when the lodge opens each summer.


The photos came from Paul Tickner, who guides anglers during the summer at Painter Creek Lodge.


More to come. 

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