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Disagree that snow conditions are typically very spring like in March. They certainly can be, but I've been spending 2 weeks there in March last 7 years, and it seems to me that winter conditions are more typical in March. Not saying it can't be warm, but "typical"? Disagree. If we're talking April, that's a different story.   

snow at snowbird could be mid winter as late as June.. It can be mid winter days after a storm easily into the first week in May.



snowbirddevotte was never a local. The best months to ski the bird are after everyone has left. Late april and may.  The best days are the days when the canyon is shut. You always beat the road closure and you never think about partying the night before a storm.


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>Originally Posted by tromano

>Personally, I think the worst of january is alot worse than the worst of march conditions. In March  the sun is high enough to soften things up and make it nice corn in a few days without snow. In >January its just cold and hard with flat light and the inversion seems to last for weeks until a nice big storm comes through and blows out the high pressure. Later in the spring more energetic >storms move through with greater frequency and high pressure seems to work its way out more quickly.


I like skiing when it's cold, but not below 15F.  Frigid Jan/Feb temps might be a problem in the Calgary resorts or JHole, but generally not a big problem in Utah. (but it can happen)

If you scroll down for averages of 31 seasons at Alta


you'll find the new snow ave is about the same Dec-March. You're not going to notice a 30 yr difference ave of 5-10 inches per month, except in December the base won't be built up, but starting Jan it will be.  Of course Jan is better than Dec, but there is a pioneering early season spirit to be enjoyed in Dec, unless you are unlucky that is.

None of this matters for someone living in SLC, but if you have to plan a flight and days off, you just have to pick your days far in advance. 

I really hate skiing slush.  And some of the times in my late Feb SLC trips we would spend our 1st half day in PC and that's what we would find.  Those conditions would be coming to AltaBird in a few weeks, you won't have slush or ice in Feb, just about guaranteed.

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