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Mohonk Resort, New York

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Anybody ski Mohonk last winter? How were the runs?

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I can't speak for their skiing but a great place to go in the summer. As far as the skiing, you would be best to head up to Huntah, Windham or Bellayre. 


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You're right about it being a great place to go in the summer--did it, loved it. Nice hiking trails. Not too far a jaunt from NYC. Made me even more curious about a winter visit!

Thanks for the tips about Huntah, Windham and Bellayre. Further away from NYC, though.

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Where did you hear there was skiing at Mohonk?  I don't believe there is, except cross-country.

I thought I'd seen it on NELSAP, but now I can't even find that.


[Edit] I was thinking of Lake Minnewaska.

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You're right, it's just cross-country skiing at Mohonk -- not that there's anything wrong with that! Thanks for the correction.

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The XC ski/hike trails at Mohonk are spectacular.  But the place is fabulously expensive to stay at, at one time no air conditioning, but that may no longer be the case.   Even for day users the trail fees are quite steep.  Minnewaska is a better deal for XC skiing, go to the falls.  


For downhill skiing also consider Plattekill, quiet and off the main road.  But only after a major dump as their snowmaking is limited.  I hate Hunter, but the place is packed all the time so obviously not everyone shares my view.  The typical Hunter skier can be heard to say,  "I've skied Chamonix, and Zermatt and Vail and those places, but I like Huntah bettah.  

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