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What new skis are you planning to buy next season, why? - Page 7

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Volkl Tigershark 10 (small hills maybe nastar

Volkl Bridge, trees

Atomic D2 SL non FIS for club racing on a short hill

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Originally Posted by neonorchid View Post

I've been on a Kastle BMX-88 for the past two years and am ready for something else or an addition.


I've skied and like aspects of both the high 70's and high 90mm skis. I'm leaning more toward the narrower because i'm stuck with hard pack more often then i'm lucky enough to ski in fresh falling or deep snow. Included the 2014/15 Mantra because i'm curious to demo it, idk, but it's probably the last of my list that i'd buy.



How do you like the BMX-88s?  

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Originally Posted by SportyandMisty View Post



How do you like the BMX-88s?  

- fun in new snow, does well in chop, light swing weight and playful. I think they do all that better then others i demo'ed when looking to buy, but i need to pressure the tails throughout the carved turn on groomers to keep from chatter. Tips look like they're just flopping around.


I don't remember them being so finicky when new so part could be the tune. At the start of next season i'm going to have the base restructured and edges bought back to 0 degrees then do a 1 degree/2 or 3 side and see if they behave better.


My BMX88's are168cm/early rise, i'm 5'6.5" 142lbs and it may be that i just "out grew" the length for the BMX88?


Was also looking at narrower and wider to do a quiver only here in the East i often encounter all conditions on any given day so a better 88 for what i'm looking for if it exist may be a better option.

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Originally Posted by szxz1z View Post

i'm currently skiing 186 Bonafide's.....   i got to get some fatties.

I'm thinking Super 7's in either 180 or 188

Hi. Own the 180 Super 7, have skied the 188, and the Squad 7 in both 180 and 188 or whatever they come in. If the 186 Bonafide is good length for you, then the 188 Super 7 or longer would be the right length. I understand concern that it wouldn't be stiff enough, if 186 Bonafide is right for you (too stiff for me at 145 lbs.), but the Squad and Super have different purposes, to me. The Squad is a stiffer charger, that doesn't handle powder bumps (perhaps unless you are pretty heavy, don't  know). It is a great charger ski in powder, but doesn't handle depth changes and variable snow as well as the Super, and doesn't handle trees or shorter turns as well either (sl/gs in between turns), in my experience. You gotta demo them, I'll bet, to see if your weight overcomes the qualities I experienced with the two skis. 

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Originally Posted by mogsie View Post

I've heard a lot of people saying that for lighter guys, the Bushwacker are the skis to go over the Brahma...and since you want light swing weight...


Hi. Mogsie, I'm still pretty much stoked by your descriptions of edge and carve relative scores for your Kastle carvers. Thanks. On this, for me, another light weight guy, the Bushwacker is a dedicated smear machine, really stable and nice with the built in smear it has in bumps or wherever, but no carver for back East, in my opinion. One would search in vain for a good carving edge on hard conditions. Think soft smear. All the skis Neonorchid lists have super carving abilities by comparison. :) 

Originally Posted by neonorchid View Post

5'6.5" 142lbs, looking for better east coast hard snow qualities in something that can still do soft, boot deep, bumps and trees,

also would prefer a light swing weight. Not so much the OSQ, more something to cover the mix of conditions i'm likely to encounter in a given day.


Thinking about:


Blizzard Latigo / Brahma (2013/14)


Kastle FX 84 (2013/14)


Nordica NRGy 90


Rossignol E90


Volkl Kendo (2013/14) / Mantra 2014/15 year


What to delete from the list and suggestions welcomed.

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I'm really happy with my Sambas, Wildfires and Sheeva's for my daily driver and powder ski options.


What I will be adding is a front side ski which will either be the Head Super Joy or the Blizzard Cheyenne.  The Super Joy is a lot more hard snow biased, but the Cheyenne carves it up while it still maintains a playful side for hitting moguls. 


Hmmmm....decisions decisions. 

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Just purchased a pair of Armada AK JJ's. I'm already looking forward to next winter.
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