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Boots for narrow foot, wider calf

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Hi so I'm looking for some ski boots that are actually comfortable! I'm a fairly agressive skiier so I'll need some flex in my boots and they need to be pretty responsive. However so far I've tried on Lange, Salomon, Head and Nordica boots and they have all cut my calf and not fit well around my foot. I've been going to boot fitters and they've told me that my foot is the width of a 22, but the length of a 24.5. My calf is pretty muscular and higher volume, so I've presented a problem for bootfitters. Any boot that has fit my foot so far has cut into my calf. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Just two thoughts:

1) Put this in the bootfitter forum (Ask the Boot Guys).  Those guys are among the best in North America and can fit almost anyone.

2) Consider a custom boot.  For example, Daleboot can customize a boot for any foot or calf and guarantee the fit, even if both feet are very different. 

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You may have some better luck posting this in the "Ask the Boot Guys" forum (where licensed bootfitters will answer your question at no charge).


Anyway, based on what you say you'll probably want a 98 or 95mm boot (found in high performance and racing boots).  Because of your calf size, you may want heel lifts on your bootboard, which raise the position of the leg in the cuff so the belly of the calf muscles are raised out of cuff.


You can always not buckle the highest buckle very tight (but make sure you buckle the second from the top as tight as it'll go to lock your ankle in place!)


You may be in boots that are too long and thus are overtightening buckles to compensate for poor fit, and thus are experiencing calf pain from that.


Anyhow, look into a very narrow boot, heel lifts, and no matter what you do, see a bootfitter and try on boots before you buy!  (and remember that the boot should feel WAY TOO TIGHT in the shop, not "comfy" or "just right," as it'll pack out after days on the hill and become too loose)

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Thanks so much - I will keep trying on different boots and also post this in the "Ask the Boot Guys" forum. Thanks all for your help!

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My ski boots are head dream 8.5 one, they fit my narrow feet very well, although they have relative low flex, but there are also some boots in the same series with a higher flex. This pair boots have 3 places for the first buckle (3 holes for the screw), so I don't worry if I have a wider calf. I think some ski boots have also this option, you can change the first buckle's place, to make more or less space for your calf. If your boots don't have this option, you can also ask the shop to make new holes to fix the buckle. Any way, I don't think the calf is a problem to choose a pair of boot.

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I also have wide calves and a narrow heel and am in Heads.

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