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Watch this video...

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...or the squirrel gets it.





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Watching this video just reinforces the height of skill displayed by world class athletes. What these guys and girls are doing is, well, it's a lot harder than it looks and I'm sure anyone can see that it's hard. Trust me, riding a DH bike is really freakin' hard, riding one at this level is mind-blowing. It's like they are taking an IFSA venue and sending WC racers down it to race a clock instead of being 'judged'. If you want to talk about X Games 'Extreme Sports' this is as gnarly as it get's right here.


We are also in the midst of a seachange in DH racing that is similar to what park skiing has gone through over the last 6 or 7 years. Things change so rapidly and the level at the top is progressing so fast that fresh new riders are leap-frogging the 'old guard' and leaving them behind, they just can't keep up. The 'next level' is a all new riders instead of the last generation getting better.


(... and that's a chipmunk, not a squirrel)

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All I have to say is wow. That is amazing what they are doing on a bike.
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Wow, just wow. The trust these guys have in themselves and their gear is amazing. 

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Next race is today! Watch it live at 1:15 Eastern on Until then, happy riding!

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New school and old school shared the podium today. Aaron Gwin (age 23) won convincingly. Steve Peat (37) took 2nd. Uncharacteristically bad rides from some of the perennial favorites today too.

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Check this out -


Makes me wanna get out to Whistler real bad. I think the rider is Stevie Smith. The scrub at about 1:20 is unreal! eek.gif

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Tri-Ride delivers the sequel from Val di Sole Italy -


I love that the music is as insane and chaotic as the riding. As much as the St Anne video made me want to get in my car and drive up there to ride, this one makes me glad I live on a different continent and will never ride it.

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A new season and another beautiful video from the South Africa round of the world Cup. Since this year there are only 5 races, it will be best to watch each race twice.


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