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Non-Center mount on a symmetrical ski?

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Just bought a pair of Volkl Wall twin tips and without asking the store mounted them center-boot. I am hoping to get into a lot more park with it, doing simpler tricks, but also be able to enjoy them on the whole mountain. Should i try to demand (they want to recharge the service), for them to be remounted into a center-mount or just keep them the way they are. Any thoughts on wether performance will be reduced? 



They are Symmetrical Skis and on the graphics, they clearly mark the option of either "True Center" or "Center-Boot", making it seem like they were constructed for both purposes. 

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theyre currently about 9cm short, even though there is a 5cm difference between center-boot to center... They really messed it up. 

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Well it's not about what we want at all, it's about what you want and paid for. 


If you asked for true center, you should have gotten it.  Besides that, even if you had asked for boot-center they STILL screwed it up, and are more than 4cm off from THAT point.  Be sure you make the point about them even botching the wrong mount point.   


I'd say speak with an owner in a polite manner and tell him exactly that.  I'd request your money back if he isn't willing to remount for free based on the poor performance of their shop tech...  I'd be borderline on leaving my stuff there now anyways, as jigs make it pretty damn easy to drill holes so there really is no excuse to be off by that much in any case unless you're high as a kite, missing an eye and the building is on fire.  So if they give you another reason to not go back, don't.  


To answer your question, sure you can ski them...  But if it's not what you asked for specifically and the shop is just mounting "wherever" that's not cool and needs to be addressed. 

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^^^^ What he said if you actually asked for center. Or did you just assume, as you seem to state, and the store assumed otherwise? Did your ticket state ski center? Makes a difference IMO; store should have verified with you so that's on them, but another story if you asked for one thing and they gave you another, then they totally messed up. And yes, performance will be affected. Still a good do-everything twin, but will not handle tricks as well if it's non-symmetrical. 

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Wait, they're 9cm back from center?  That's way too much.  If you're doing a lot of park, I'd say 3cm back max, although I'd center 'em.

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