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Cupolo Group Buy

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Sorry about the long post but please read if interested. I just got off the phone with Jay at cupolo and he is down with the group buy and he has some killer prices. We can have as few or as many people in this as we want as long as everyone is serious. Here are some sample prices. (Not the best Epic ski selection but I started this at the powdermag forem and thought I would extend the offering over here. Overall very good prices though)

Volkl Gotama $450
Volkl Explosive $450
Volkl V-Pro $420
Look P14 $135
Shipping = Free

Those are just a few sample prices to show that he is really trying to hook everyone up fat. What is even better is shipping is free so you don't have to worry about any more costs. As for what they sell. Well they have everything except for Fisher, Stockli, and Kneissl. Here is a list of major brands they do sell


The best thing is that they carry the entire line (skis, bindings, boots). Yes they also carry freerides and all tele stuff also.

Now here is what I need from everyone who is interested. When I talked to Jay he was totally cool with this as long as it does not become a pain in the ass for him. He is pulling stock directly off his shelves to hook us up so we must be nice. He does not want daily questions about what everything is going to cost and for me to pester him. He only wants people who are serious and who will not upset him. If you have questions or comments please post them on the thread and I will get back as soon as possible. Please no questions about prices because Jay will give you a very good price once you figure out what you want.

What I need is when you figure out what you want, I want everyone to e-mail me their wish list listing your name, what you want, and sizes and any other comments. My address is pman@u.washington.edu and please label the e-mail "group Buy" as I get a lot of crap e-mails. From there I will write up a master list, listing everyones name, e-mail, and wish list and I will send that to Jay at Cupolo. From there he will e-mail everyone individually with availability, exact prices, payment and shipping details. Everyone will pay the store directly for their own stuff and you gear will be shipped directly to your door so you don't have to worry about anything. Sorry for being such a pain but I am trying to manke this as easy on myself as possible. I think this is everything so if you have any more questions feel free to post them. I will be gone this weekend so I will get back Sunday night.
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nice deals and thanks for cutting us in. Cupolo is a good outfit too and are well know out east.

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Thanks for the work, pman.

My dealings with Jay have been great and, even without a group deal, prices were the best short of used on Ebay. My stuff was new, bindings mounted at a price I couldn't find elsewhere.

I think a few of my crew maybe in for some boots and even a snowboard (dog help me, no!!!!)

I'll e-mail you with specifics later.

Thanx again for your generous inclusion, pman. You are a credit to the maggots.
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I am cutting off orders on Thursday for who ever is still thinking about getting some gear. I will be turning in all the final orders on Friday so Jay can have evough time to go through them and hopefully get gear to everyone by Thanksgiving. So everyone order up.
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I sent out the final list today so I am no longer taking orders. I had 53 people ordering all sourts of stuff and I had collected quite a list. Jay just got bakt to me and he is quite impressed. He said he should be able to fill just about everyone's order. I am sure that everyone that is ordering anything buy Explosives and Gotama's will get exactly what they want. He is going to take the weekend to try to figure things out and he will get back to me at the beginning of next week. I will give everyone an update then. Later
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To Bad your not taking anymore orders i am looking at buying new 04 Atomic 1120's with 412 bindings. Maybe I'll give them a call and tell them I saw the post here on epic
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I just got back from jay and he is almost done gatering everything together and he should be e-mailing everyone by tonight or tomarrow mourning. From there everyone has untile Sunday mournig to conform their order. He is doing this so this whole thing doesn't lag on forever and so everyone can get their gear before the snow hits. If you do not hear anything in the next day or so drop me an e-mile and I will double check you address and I will correct it if needed.
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