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SLC Utah Wasatch Ski Trip: 2012/01/12 – 2012/01/19

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Hi everyone,

I am taking a week-long trip to Salt Lake City in January and looking for some cool, fun-loving, good skiers to come along.  This is being sent out early to give ample time to plan and get your finances/budget worked out.  I’m looking for people who are at my skill/fitness level or better so I can improve and keep up.  For those who are considering coming in to SLC from out-of-town, I have already made arrangements for transportation and lodging, which I’ll describe more in-depth below.  To the SLC locals, I’d love to ski with you all so check out the rough itinerary below and let me know if you’re interested in meeting up!




About me:


My name is Bob and I'm brand new to the EpicSki Community Forums, so I don't know anybody.  I’m 30 years old, single, never married, no kids, no girlfriend, and unfortunately no friends that like to ski.  I was born in New Orleans, and grew up in Kentucky, Delaware, North Carolina, and New York.  I first got into skiing in high school while living in New York, and got the chance to make 3x trips out to Salt Lake City between 1997 and 2002.  After high school I went to military school for reasons still unclear to me and then served in the Army (overseas in Germany) for another 6-7 years.  During this time, I forgot all about the joys of skiing, and recently, after an 8-year hiatus, re-discovered my passion for the sport.  In 2010 I left the military and now work as a consultant in the D.C. area (staff augmentation for those in-the-know) for various defense agencies.  Lately it seems that the only reason I have for not quitting my job is to keep the cash flow steady in order to fund my winter vacations and excursions out west.


I would consider myself an advanced skier.  I like to go fast while trying to manage adequate speed control.  I am currently in the best shape of my life, as I spend a lot of time cycling, hiking, running, and lifting weights – thus I feel that I can keep up with the more advanced/expert skiers if need be.  I like skiing in all terrains and all conditions except ice.  Right now I’m trying to make up for lost time and my goal is simple: to be a badass skier.  Of course this means being able to choose a line well, ski it completely through without stopping, mastering technique, balance, and control in deep powder, through moguls, and on steep slopes, and learn how to take off cliffs and stomp the landings without eating it.




The 6 W's:


   Who: Anyone interested, but preferably advanced/expert skiers/boarders
   What: This should be obvious
   When: Jan 12th – 19th 2012
   Where: Wasatch Mountains
   Why: a) For the enjoyment of an awesome skiing experience
            b) For the all-around development of skiing skills
            c) For good company while skiing
            d) Non-serious conversation and laughs at Apres Ski
            e) To meet cool people out there who feel the same way I do about skiing, and life
   How: Details provided below.






Currently, I have lodging reservations for 1 town home for 8-12 people.  If more people express interest, there are many adjacent units that can accommodate 8-12 a piece.  Thus potential is there for 30+ people.  In that case, I'd ask for someone to step up & handle the legwork for the 2nd lodge, and another for a 3rd lodge, etc. etc.




Cost Estimates (Averages Per Person):


Airfare - $480 to $550 (from the D.C. area)
Baggage - $50 to $120
Lift Tickets - $291 to $374
Equipment Rental - $125 to $216
Standard SUV Rental (4x people/car w/ a rack) - $124 to $166
Gas - $15 to $30
Food - The sky's the limit
Lodging - $160 to $280 depending on # of people
TOTAL w/o food & drink - $1,296 to $1,720




Sample Itinerary:

Thu 12th: Arrival, Rental car(s) pick-up at airport or other transportation, pick up equipment rentals if needed, & Check-in to vacation rental no earlier than 4:00 pm.
Fri 13th: Solitude, then stop by the shop afterwards to buy separate lift tickets for Sat & Sun.
Sat 14th: The Canyons, or shoot for Powder Mountain if doable.
Sun 15th: Park City.
Mon 16th: Snowbird.
Tue 17th: Alta** (Skiing-only Resort.  Boards welcome at all other resorts in the area).
Wed 18th: Brighton, then turn in equipment rentals if applicable.
Thu 19th: Check-out no later than 10:00 am, Rental car(s) turn-in at airport, & Departure.




Meals & Beverages:


I have not planned anything special, so my approach is to just wing it and see what happens, unless someone else wants to take this on and plan something.  There is a Whole Foods very close by as well as Dan's Foods Store, and I have a list of good restaurants, bistros, cafes, and gastropubs in the Salt Lake area.  I figure we can all come to some sort of consensus once all of us arrive at the vacation rental, at least for the first 24 hours anyway.




Lodging Information:


Address: Kings Hill #4, 8321 Valiant Drive, Cottonwood Heights, UT 84121.


Location: In a neighborhood right off of Wasatch Blvd, between Big & Little Cottonwood Canyons which is ideal for easy access to all resorts, the Whole Foods or Dan's Foods (10 mins), downtown (20 mins), and the airport (30 mins).  15 mins to Solitude/Brighton/Snowbird/Alta, 35 mins to Canyons/Park City, & 1.5 hrs to Powder Mountain.


Type: 4 Bedroom, 3.5 Bathroom Town Home


Sleeping Capacity: 8 - 12


Ideal Sleeping Arrangements (assuming there are no couples & most everyone desires their own bed): 8 Capacity
   Room 1: 1x King, 2x people
   Room 2: 1x Queen, 1x person
   Room 3: 1x Queen, 1x person
   Room 4: 2x Twins, 2x people
   Living Room: 1x Pullout, 1x person
   Family Room: 1x Pullout, 1x person


Max Sleeping Arrangements (voluntarily doubling up, or there are some couples): 12 Capacity
   Room 1: 1x King, 2x people
   Room 2: 1x Queen, 2x people
   Room 3: 1x Queen, 2x people
   Room 4: 2x Twins, 2x people
   Living Room: 1x Pullout, 2x people
   Family Room: 1x Pullout, 2x people


Good-to-know Details:
   - Access to the Ski Bus is 2 blocks away
   - Whole Foods & Dan's Foods are both 4 miles away
   - Outdoor hot tub
   - Both wood burning & gas fireplaces
   - 2x car garage
   - Free wireless internet access
   - Foosball table
   - 4x flat panel TVs
   - Side loading washer & dryer
   - Kitchen


Cost: $2,218.17 including taxes & fees.


Cost Breakdown per Person:
   8x People: $277.27 ($39.61/night)
   9x People: $246.46 ($35.21/night)
   10x People: $221.82 ($31.69/night)
   11x People: $201.65 ($28.81/night)
   12x People: $184.85 ($26.41/night)


Additional Information: Property details can be found at http://www.utahvacationhomes.com/saltlake_kings_hill4.aspx.  Booking this vacation rental provides the option for discounted lift tickets and rental equipment.  See below.




Lift Tickets:


Salt Lake Super Pass provides full-day access to any 4 of the resorts in the Cottonwood Canyons (Alta/Snowbird/Brighton/Solitude) on any day within 7 days.  This pass is not valid for Powder Mountain, The Canyons, or Park City.  With the booking of the vacation rental, the Super Pass cost has been further discounted at a special package price.  The Super Pass also gives you free transportation to & from the ski resorts on the Ski Buses that run between the resorts and Salt Lake City.  When RSVPing, provide me with what type of pass you desire, if any.  For FAQs about Super Pass, go to http://www.visitsaltlake.com/ski/superpass/faq/


Super Pass Options:
   1-Day Pass: $64
   2-Day Pass: $124
   3-Day Pass: $180
   4-Day Pass: $240 (I'll probably get this one since two of the days will most likely be spent in Park City or Ogden, or indoors nursing my hangover)
   5-Day Pass: $300
   6-Day Pass: $360


Discounted lift tickets for Powder Mountain, The Canyons, and Park City can be found at the following shops in the SLC area: Wasatch Ski Connection, Lifthouse Sports, Ski N See, Canyon Sports, and Utah Ski & Golf.  I have an excel file with their websites and addresses should anyone need this information.




Equipment Rentals:


Utah Vacation Homes (the vacation rental company) is partnering with Ski N See to offer discounted rates on ski & board equipment.  Simply go to https://www.skinsee.com/skires/reserveform.wcs?code=UVH&mstype=client and make your reservation.  Ensure that "UVH" is entered in the Travel Agent Code field.  When choosing the location, try to select "Midvale - 1339 E. Ft. Union" which is closest and most convenient to the house.  Their hours are from 11:00 am to 7:00 pm.  If you will be arriving late into Salt Lake City, select the Downtown location, which is open from 7:00 am to 9:00 pm.  If you think you will strike out there too, try contacting the following stores to find out about the deals they offer and their hours: Wasatch Ski Connection, Lifthouse Sports, Canyon Sports, or Utah Ski & Golf.




Rental Cars:


After playing around with numbers, the most economical route is 4x people occupying a standard SUV.  I have a 4x passenger SUV w/ a rack already reserved.  When RSVPing, please let me know if you would like to be included.  I will take the first 3x people who want in and we will split the cost.  Cost for this vehicle is $105/person.  Once we fill up this SUV, the rest of the group will need to work with each other to figure out how to break out and purchase additional rental cars.  Remember that lodging is only a 2-block walk from the Ski Bus Stop, so it is possible to manage without contributing $$ towards a rental car if you really want.




Alternate Transportation:


If rental cars aren't feasible for you, you can take other transportation between the airport and the town home.  Once at the vacation rental, you can use the UTA Ski Bus to get to and from Brighton/Solitude/Alta/Snowbird.  However you won't be able to take it to The Canyons, Park City, or Powder Mountain.  For more information about the Ski Bus, visit the UTA site at http://www.rideuta.com/mc/?page=RidingUTA-SkiService.  For more information about other Utah Transit Authority bus information in the Salt Lake area, go to http://www.rideuta.com.




When to RSVP:


Deadline is by midnight on Friday, Dec 30th 2011.  When RSVPing, specify the number of people (if more than just yourself) & if you will be sharing a bed (King/Queen/Pullout) or if you are willing to share.  Also re-confirm the number of nights you plan on staying and your Salt Lake Super Pass lift ticket preference, and whether or not you would like to be part of my rental car group (only have room for the first 3x people to say yes).  I will keep everyone posted on the progress of attendance as time goes on.




How and When to Pay:


After recieving your RSVP, I will prepare a Paypal invoice for you, which will cover lodging and the Salt Lake Super Pass.  If the need to get a second house arises, hopefully someone else will step up and be the central point of contact for that.  If you are riding in my rental car, I will also include that portion of the cost.  Please solidify payment by January 3rd 2012.




How to Meet:


When you RSVP, provide a contact method that I can use to get a hold of you while in Salt Lake City.  This could be your mobile phone # or e-mail/Google Chat if you have a smart phone, for example.  I'll put everyone's contact info into some sort of printable sheet that will help us all stay in contact while out and about on the mountain and around the town.  I will be on the ground in Salt Lake City on the morning of the 12th and may be able to transport people around if I'm able.  I ask that as soon as you have your flights booked, let me know the flight # and arrival time.  With this information, I can re-distribute it to the group so we can better plan for rental cars and pick-ups.




For us sea-level "flatlanders", How to mitigate / reduce risk of Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS), aka Altitude Sickness:


1) Be in good cardio-respiratory/cardio-vascular/muscular shape
2) 5 days prior to arrival:  Gingko Biloba, 120mg, twice daily
3) 3 days prior to arrival:  High carb diet daily
4) 1-2 days prior to arrival:  Acetazolamide (Diamox) - this will dehydrate you so increase your water consumption
5) Take it easy the first day on the slopes; don't over-exert yourself
6) Drink more water than you think you need
7) Keep alcohol consumption to a minimum on the first day - try to match each alcoholic beverage with a glass of water

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Holy smokes Bob, you've put a lot of work into this!  Good on you!


I'm a Snowbird local, and I'm going to subscribe to this thread.  I have a 9-5 kind of job, but ya know, if the snow is right, I can be tempted to use a day off here and there for some pow.


As an additional note, it's not listed in your current itinerary, but Deer Valley is also a skiing only resort, just in case you weren't aware.


Powder Mountain is definitely doable from Salt Lake, it's a longer drive, but doable.  The Canyons is also very fun.  If you haven't been to either, I would recommend the Canyons over Powder, it's much larger and has more of everything.



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A couple of things you might want to consider:


1) Saturday Jan 14 thru Mon Jan 16 is the MLK weekend. Solitude, Powder, Snow Basin might be better choices on those days to avoid the worst of the crowds.


2) Your link to the Salt Lake Super Pass is the information from last year. They haven't posted the details for 2011-12 yet. In the past, they have offered a free day on any passes purchased for 4 or more days when booked with a participating hotel by December 15. So a 4 day Super Pass would be $180. At least it was last year. The participating hotels also offered 25% off the room rate for stays of 4 or more nights as part of the early booking package.


For a small group that can commit to an early booking, that can end up being the best deal. For a  larger group, the condo may be the better deal

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Originally Posted by encoded View Post


I'm a Snowbird local, and I'm going to subscribe to this thread.


icon14.gif Awesome.



I am curious about The Canyons, especially after reading and hearing so many mixed opinions.


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I'm eliminated in pretty short order. mad.gif
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PCMR is a mistake. Canyons is better in every way, shape and form. Also, it just seems to get better and better every year. Grooming, steeps, pow., lifts, crowds, snow making, trees and terrain park (well maybe terrain park) and back country access are all superior at Canyons. More and more locals flock to Canyons every year. Of course, Saturdays and Sundays are the busiest, but the sheer size of the place makes for lines in the am at the gonjola, orange bubble and Tomb.   

Also, See n Ski is great, if you want a nice intermediate all-mountain/carving ski.  If the snow falls and you want something over 90mm underfoot, there are much better options.Consider Wasatch Powder Skis. We carry skis from MOMENT, DPS, PM Gear and ON3P. These skis are made for typical western conditions. 20% off single day demo to all Barking Bears, or rent 3 days at regular price get 4th day free. We also have GoPro 1080i helmet cams. avail.

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Originally Posted by ArtVandelay0023 View Post

I am curious about The Canyons, especially after reading and hearing so many mixed opinions.

I don't see the Park City mountains very often, but I've been to the Canyons maybe a dozen times.  I've always enjoyed my days there. The only thing missing at the Canyons are long, sustained vertical drops.  It has many shorter sections, and some can be chained together, but skiing top to bottom at the Canyons is, as far as I know, not possible.  That said, if you're from the lowlands, you might not care about that anyway ;)  I can't imagine that you'd be disappointed if you visited there.


I haven't skied PCMR and the Canyons enough to contradict wasatch powder ski's comments on how the Canyons compares to PCMR, but I will throw out that I have also enjoyed PCMR when I've been there.  He makes a strong point about weekends there being very busy.  If you want to avoid crowds, you should definitely consider rearranging so that you ski Solitude and the Canyons on the weekends.  While the Canyons might be a superior choice to PCMR, you won't be disappointed at PCMR. It appears as though you're trying to ski as many different places as you can, and since you're hitting all four cottonwood resorts already, I think skiing a day at PCMR is a good choice.



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Disagree with Wasatch Powder Skis.  If you read other threads you'll find that there are plenty of locals that prefer PCMR.  I'm one of them.  Personal preference speaking.  

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I vaguely remember skiing PCMR when I was about 16... versus distinctly remembering the cottonwoods.  Therefore I put PCMR down for a Sunday on the off chance that I'd let loose a bit on Saturday night, and may need Sunday to recover and take it easy.

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Deleted spam
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I don't know who copied WPS' post, but I guess that it was copied for truthfulness.

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Sep 27th Update:


# Attending (Committed):  1 (coming from D.C.)

# Attending (Have said yes):  4 (coming from D.C.)

# On the fence:  -


All 4x seats in my rental SUV are tentatively spoken for at the moment.


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Hmm this is a good option, I'm looking for ski buddies myself. Keep me posted.

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Wow very organized post. I'll be working at Deer Valley. If I have a day off during that time It would be sweet to ski with your group/you.



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