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Pajarito NM ski area burned up.

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The Las Conchas fire (largest NM fire ever) has completely burned thru the Pajarito Ski Area and thru the

entire access road from the Los Alamos Natl Lab.


The fire crews were able to save the base lodge and most/all ? structures on the property.

I skied there once about 6 years ago. Its small but has some interesting cruising  runs. Nothing hard.


Pajarito has 5 lifts. The fire has apparently melted one lift cable causing the chairs to fall to the ground.

Here's one base lift photo of the burn from LANL.




Looks like much is a ground fire with less tree crown burning.


The rest of LANL's interactive imaging doesn't seem to work.  As the evacuation of the town of Los Alamos

has just ended maybe someone can provide more information.


Two other NM ski areas are threatened but look to dodge the bullet on this one.

They are Sipapu and Santa Fe -which I've also skied.




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Thanks for the update.  I knew it was threatened, didn't know the flames actually swept through the ski layout.  From the one picture you put up, it doesn't look like the forest was completely wiped out.  Hopefully, they can recover and rebuild.mad.gif

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That would be interesting. What do you do when you have all your ski infrastructure (or most of it at least), including lifts, but have no mountain layout essentially? Do they plant a bunch of new trees? Do they capitalize on it and call it North America's most open ski area? What happens?
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Good to hear the base survived.  Trails change season to season.  A burn might actually open up some new options assuming slides don't do more damage now that the trees are gone.  I, too have visited Pajarito and skied there.  The place oozes historical elegance and tradition that everyone that has walked through the lodge and looked around can understand is irreplaceable. There is no place else anything like it anywhere.

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That's too bad. Last summer when I was in Santa Fe, my wife and I went for a hike out of the ski area. The country was beautiful around there. There were a ton of people at the ski area downhill biking.

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Not exactly burned up, but the fire bumped it kind of hard it in places:



Santa Fe and Sipapu ski areas escaped any damage.

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