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Jackson Hole Feb/ March 2011

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I know this is late, but hopefully better than never.  My wife and I had our first baby shortly after the trip, and things have been hectic.

Hope I continue snow tripping with my daughter soon. 

This past Feb I went out to Jackson Hole with a good gropup of guys and had a blast.  We had a mix of conditions varying from coral reef on some days, powder days, and even a day of true spring bump skiing.  We spend most of the time at the resort, but a couple of us also did one day in teton pass, and one day in the JHMR sidecountry.


Here are two videos from the .  I don't know why the quality stinks on the vimeo page, but if you press the download button and wait, the quality is much better. 


Video 1   http://vimeo.com/25694550     is from the day touring teton pass.  The first half of the video was off the backside of the Mount Glory bootback.  The second half is from the backside of Eidelweiss.  The snow was suprisingly good, considering it had been a nember of days since the last snow.


Video 2  http://vimeo.com/25760818   is after a decent overnight snow at Jackson Hole resort.  Most of the skiing is off the gondola and thunder chair.



I know some of the video is crumby, but I hope you enjoy some summer skiing stoke\


Will post a couple more viedeos shortly

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Looks like you had a good time in JH.  Thanks for sharing.  There is a lot of great skiing on the back side of Glory.  A lot of of it is in the Coal Creek drainage.  From your footage it looks like you were in first or second turn gully.  Really nice fun lines.  The backside of Eidlevise is known, to me at least, as the Shamrock.  I've always enjoyed skiing it and would usually skin back up and nail a few of the Columbia bowls in the same trip.  The run out into Mail Cabin Creek can be sketchy, but was probably well covered this year.  Lots of fun natural park type features and hits in there.


Congrats on the new baby!

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Here is one more video



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Originally Posted by David Hecht View Post

Here is one more video




(embedded for your convenienced)

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Thanks again!  I was hoping to ski Rock Springs this morning with my wife.  She wanted to sleep in though.  Last night was our anniversary, so I guess she gets to call it.biggrin.gif

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One last video from the trip. This is resort footage. 


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Thanks for the reminder of winter.

I think I recognized a few of the places.. but I was surprised how few.

Guess I have to go back for a refresher course!

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I went to jackson hole in Jan 2011 - my first ever ski trip out west.  it was an awesome experience.


great videos.  makes me want to go back soon.

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nice vids

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awesome videos! makes me ready for winter

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