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Powder ski binding suggestions

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Any suggestions on a compatible binding?  I recently purchased womens Line Pandoras for powder skiing. 115 waist.  Intended use is for powder and the occasional groomer all the way to the base. I am not a freestyle skier or park rider. Advanced skier 5'6" 140 lbs.

Would appreciate any help as I am finding it difficult to decide. Have thought about Look px12, Marker griffon and Salomon sth but not sure any of those are the right choice and hard to find correct brake width.  HELP!!! 

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Though the Look and Marker are both fine bindings they can both be a bit difficult to step into in powder if you are a lightweight person, IMO. I would go with a Salomon (which has a 115mm brake available) Brian

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Welcome to Epic. Don't stress about a "correct" binding. Virtually all modern bindings will do the basic job of releasing you properly, and several come with 115 brakes (try online sites such as Level Nine, Universal, fleabay). So it comes down to weight (you want lighter for a pow ski if possible) and  personal preferences about release, durability, ability to transmit force to the edges. I think highly of the Tyrolia Peak 12/Head Mojo 12 (same binding) for your weight, especially in pow, because they're light and have a heel diagonal release for twisting falls. Easy to find the 115's for it; only oddity is that Tyrolias are easier to order online (try fleabay or Google it) than find a store that stocks them, even though they're one of Europe's more popular bindings. Not so impressed with Look PX's for pow because of their weight, although many like them for their elasticity. The old pivot heel P12's would be perfect if you could find a clean used pair. The new Pivots are too beefy and expensive for your mission. Salomons are classic, reliable. IMO enough Atomics have had reliability issues to suggest a pass on them. The Marker Griffon is light and super easy to find, some don't like their design for wider skis, others think they're fine. 



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Look, Rossi or Roxy (all the same) PX12 WB

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I've used Marker Griffon/Jesters and Look PX 12/14 bindings lately and have not issues with either one.  I do like the Markers more because they are lighter weight.  I wouldn't have a problem with Salomon bindings either but I couldn't find any deals when I needed bindings.  Tyrolia bindings work fine I never like their looks so I have always skipped them.

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I like the Salomon STH on my powder skis (135mm waist).


It's light and very easy to get in and out of in deep snow. I found the Marker Royal family bindings are a pain sometimes.


All the other suggestions above would work too, however. :)

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From my perspective, western skier, what stands out is several points mentioned: elasticity, the binding will be nearly releasing sometimes and in powder you don't want a ski to come off unless it's necessary. not sensitive to a little snow under the boot for obvious reasons. be able to pull up the heel piece to put the ski on, as there is often not a firm base to stomp down onto. weight seems a non-issue in powder where quickness is not part of the turning method. For me it all adds up to a fleet of Look/Dynastar bindings.  

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