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98mm Last - Can I pull it off.

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I'm looking to upgrade from my Speedmachines as they are just too soft for my size and aggressiveness.


Now, I'm looking at some of the higher flex (120-130) boots, and they all seem to be a 98mm last. I measured my feet and they are 280mm long and about 100mm across at their widest point.


Is a 98mm last boot going to be unbearably painful? Or should I look to a company like Salomon with their CS series being able to go out to 104mm?

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the last of the boot is based on a size 26,  so a 100mm last is average for a 26 foot BUT very wide for a 22 foot, and very narrow for a 29 foot.


so you with a 28 foot, and 100wide is kinda narrow.   So yes a 98mm MIGHT work.   can you not just go try some boots on and see what fits you the best?   the width is only one measurement.   you still have heel width, instep height, calf size, F lean, ramp angle etc....

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with the measurements you have given you (in theory)  a 98mm is a great starting point 


as has been said width is only one measurement, getting the widest point of your foot to match with the widest point of the boot is also important and having a stable foot (using a footbed) inside the boot will reduce any spread of the foot inside the boot


best place to start is with a good boot fitter, let them get their hands and eyes on your feet and see what will work best, but make sure it is a fitter not just a salesman or you are likely to end up in a boot too big


you haven't said where you are based, we can probably suggest someone to visit who is close to you, there is a list at the top of the forum (who's who) and if there is no one on that then we all know a few people around 


good luck getting sorted

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Thanks guys. I'm in the Boston area and got a good reccomendation for a bootfitter. Now, I just have to get over there and he's on summer hours.cool.gif


I'll get fit for sure, but my question was a little more general in that it seems that almost all of the 130-120 flex boots have a 98mm last or less. I'm not set on any particular boot or manufacturer, but I didn't know if stiff boots are a pipe dream for me.

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they make boots up to 120 flex in widths up to 104mm last (remember this width is in size 26 and they get wider proportionally as the sizes get bigger)


see the fitter when he is back in the shop and see where it takes you, pretty sure you will get into a stiff boot with little problem

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the advice from mtnlion and cem is spot on. a 280mm length with a 100mm forefoot will work with many of the so called 98's


how long have you been skiing? where do you ski? how many days per season? do you ski full days? what type of terrain do you ski? what skis do you use? do you take lessons? what flex rating was your speed machine? do you have a trim to fit or custom made footbed?


a 120 flex boot is average for a male skier that can walk and chew gum at the same time


do not get hung up on the flex numbers, flex is completely negotiable, any boot can be functionally softened.


also depending on how many days a year you ski as well as your level of aggression on snow, a foot that measures 280mm in length will probably work in a 27 mondopoint shell.


if you are skiing more than 10 days a season, i recommend looking at shells in the 315mm sole length.



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The details...


I'm 6'1'', 220 (hopefully less by ski season, but even my "fighting weight" hasn't been below two bills since High School).


I ski about 30 or so days a year. Mostly East Coast (Sunday River) with about a week out west somewhere in there.


I've been putting in 30 or so days a year for quite a while, and I did some organized racing before that. However, there was a little post college expiremental phase with snowboarding. redface.gif


Using the standard rating system, I'd say I'm at least an 8 and most likely a 9.


I'm aggressive and seek out difficult lines. While I enjoy screaming down a groomer and take an occasional lap through the park, I'm in the lift line before the lifts are turning on a powder day, and I'm much happier off piste (when the East Coast snow gods smile upon us) and love the trees and steeps.


So, I'd think I should be in the ~315 bsl shell as well. My current boots are 100 flex and a 316 bsl.




On related note, I got sick of sitting in traffic on the way to Cape Cod last Friday and hopped into a ski shop in the area to see if they had anything that fit well. I tried the Salomon Impact 10 which was too sloppy around my ankle/heel, Nordica Ace of Spades which the 28 shell was too big and they didn't have a 27 shell, and the Tecnica Agent 110 in a 27.5 which fit well enough, but was still a little too sloppy in the ankle/heel and was not stiff enough.


However, it was funny as the kid working there insisted on bring me 28 shells after measuring my foot.


"Mister, you don't want a 27.5, that's a size too small."


"Just bring the 27 shell"


"But that's a size too small"


"Hey, it's not my fault you guys sell ski boots that are too big, now let's see some 27s"


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So...I found myself in another shop in my travels and tried on some more boots, and found the closest I've come yet.


Salomon Ghost in a 27.5.


The liner's too tight, but the shell fit is great. It's the first boot where I feel very little heel lift and that my ankle is secured well and aligned in the boot well.


It's a little tight on the calves and there's a couple hot spots, but I think a good bootfitter could work it out.


Found a good price online and am thinking about pulling the trigger and hoping it pads out and the hot spots can get worked out.

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tight on the calves in that boot is probably due to the excessive forward lean...... if you like the fit but not the f/l then try on an atomic burner 120 or similar...pretty close to shape around the foot but more upright

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I actually tried on that Atomic. It was okay, but it didn't feel as good as the Ghost.


I ended up picking up the Ghost. I really like the springiness (is that even a word?) of the upper cuff and the cushioned boot board. Fit should be excellent after I get someone to play with the custom shell and deal with a a couple rivets.


The cuff is a little tight, but should be perfect after a little padding out. I have a fairly thin lower calf and the cuff tends to be where boots lose it the most for me after break-in.

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