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So you think you are fit?

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Yea, I saw that.  Pretty lame that the organizers are now concerned they might have to pay the $100k that they promised if someone won 10 of those events, so they are now offering a bonus to someone to beat him.  It'll be interesting to see if their price for defeating him rises as his record of wins escalates.


Guess there's a reason to buy insurance.



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Just did a web search.  It would appear that the organizers found their man to defeat Hobie.


Too bad.



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He had to drop out of this one, but if the numbers in the WSJ article are right, he only has to win 8 of the remaining 23 races to get the $100k prize.  Given that his goal was supposedly to sweep the series, though, this might put a damper on his determination.


All I know is the dude lunged a mile in under 25 minutes.  He *lunged* for a mile.  Dear lord.

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