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Going to Utah

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Hi everyone, I will be moving out to provo UT this winter and was wondering what a good ski would be. I am 5'11'' 160 lb, currently I live in Seattle with my home resort as Crystal mountain. I would say that I am an "advanced" skier. I have skied out in Utah before and know how light the snow can be. I am looking for something that can take the fluffy snow Utah has, but can also handle groomers. I have demoed the Volkl Katana's, I skied them on chop, and groomers and they did surprisingly well for their waist size. But I am not sure how well they would do in deep pow. The other ski I was looking at was the Line Prophet 115's. I have previously skied on the K2 Recon and Volkl Mantra. I guess you could say I am looking for a first time power ski that can also go fast on groomers. Any advice would be great.


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My last trip to Utah I skied a Rossi S6 with full rocker and a Dynastar that was 115 underfoot with a little camber.  I liked the Dynastar a lot.  THe full rocker ski was unusable on hard snow, and I didn't get a chance to ski it in soft snow (It's a long story).    

If I were going to spend a year in Utah, I'd get something 105 to 115 at the waist, mostly rocker with a little camber under foot.  I think you need some camber even if you never ski groomers just to feel secure on traverses, but a little goes a long way.  

I would also bring an old pair of 80 or 90 mm skis for groomers and moguls, but I wouldn't use them much.  I probably wouldn't bother with my race skis at all.




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Either those or Lhasas if you like more of a pintail ski for pow.  If you want to take them for a spin ahead of time, just hit up Dibs @ Wasatch Powder Skis, he demoes all the new PM Gear stuff and can put you on a pair no problem. 

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