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Snowbird in June

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I Skied Snowbird today and what an unexpected bonus!  The place felt like June but skied like March (maybe a little exaggerated). Still, I was shocked at how good the snow felt.  Lots of snow pack left, very few rocks in bounds up high.  Don't count on enjoying the skiing below Little Cloud as you will find obstacles.  In fact, the resort is treating it as BC and your Tram pass is only good for one trip.  They intend for you to ski the upper mountain only.  Still, it is easy to ski all the way down, just cut over to the top of Wilbere Chair before finishing your descent or you will have to take off your skis. The Cirque, which forces you to go to the bottom was perfect.  If you want to go all the way to the bottom you can get a second tram ride up for $10 (or buy $10 worth of food).


Mineral Basin, which usually gets slushy this time of year was good until Noon. They groomed a few steep swaths down the center of the bowl and by 10:30 the were boot deep corn. Even the Bookends were good and worth the traverse.


If you have fat skis, bring them, if not, Demo some.  I was on S7s and they worked this snow perfectly.  If you are wondering about tomorrow or next week, don't.  Just go, this is far better June skiing than I have ever seen in Utah.





Mineral Basin, Western Side, Bookends Traverse June 25, 2011





Little Cloud Bowl and Road to Provo June 25, 2011


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