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2012 K2 Impact

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Hi All,


Looking to buy a new pair of skis for the upcoming season.  I had my heart set on the '11 Atomic Blackeye Ti's but they're IMPOSSIBLE to find.  My local ski shop just got in the 2012 K2 Impact's as well as the Elan 82 xti's.  I've read a lot of hype about this new rocker that the Impacts have and they're supposed to be a great all mountain ski but I wanted to see if anyone had read/heard anything more about them that maybe I can't find.


I'm an intermediate/advanced skier.  Love skiing hard and fast but want something that I'll be able to relax and take down a mtn with control as well.  I'm on the east coast so edge control and grip is huge, especially when we have icy conditions.  I'd say I ski 60-70% of my time on trail and the rest in the woods.  my ability on moguls isn't great but i'm working on it, something i want to try and improve on this season.


any help anyone can provide is greatly appreciated,



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I was lucky this year because I had the change to test some K2 2011-2012 models this year and compared them with the Atomic Blackeye Ti. Test ground was the Alpines, hard pack and off-piste. First day was on the K2 Rictor. This ski is some sort of jekyll and hyde in a good sense. This ski want to play with you all the time, on and off-piste but sometimes bites when your technique isn't right (out side the piste). The second day I went out on the K2 Impact. This ski is a more balanced version of the Rictor. I was amazed by this ski because it can do anything on and off-piste and forgives you when your technique isn't right. I really loved this one. I could easily race/carve with my friends on the piste and charge off-piste with the same ease of use. Off-piste this ski needs a little bit more speed than the Rictor to turn easy, but does it with great confidence. The third day was for the Atomic Blackerye Ti. I had high hopes for this ski but after the K2 Impact this ski was disappointing. This ski was by far not as playfull as the Rictor and less forgiving as the Impact. The Atomic needs much more energy to excel and after 3 run's I knew enough and went back to the shop to get the Impact again. Why? I guess my technique isn't good enough and the Impact makes any slope easy for everyone. 


I am level 4 advanced skier according to the Warren Smith Ski Academy (http://www.warrensmith-skiacademy.com/about-the-course_group-and-skier-levels.htm)


Good luck with your search.




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