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B2 vs Hot

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Anyone want to offer a comparison between the Rossi B2 vs Salomon Hot. I've tried both, but several weeks apart and under very different snow conditions, so it was difficult compare the two.

I tried the B2 on a day when there was 15-20cm of new powder. It had good float and felt very comfortable in the soft snow, but a strange damp rubbery feel to it. Not sure how it under harder pack conditions though

I tried the Hots on a day with 10cm of heavy wet snow which quickly set and turned into heavy crud. The hots cut through the crud effortlessly and was quite lively for a damp ski. It was also good in the bumps had good edgehold on the hardpack areas. It would have been nice to be able to compare the 2 skis back to back under the same conditions.

I need to trim my quiver, so I shouldn't even be looking. But its hard to resist trying different skis, esp when the demos are for free Plus you never know when you might come across some smoking deal on something at the end of the season.
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The damp adjective comes up quite frequently with the B2, but that's why some people love the ski ... I personally prefer something a little livelier.

Haven't skied the Hot.

I'm still happily in bed with my Blizzard Titans and she's a frisky powder ski.

Pure adultered fun. [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]
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I demoed the B2, Hot at Steamboat last week on 18" of fresh, cut up, groomed, bumps & hard pack. The Hot & B2 were both great in powder & soft snow as you would expect, but I liked the B2 a lot better on on groomed & bumps. I couldn't believe how well it held an edge for a wide softer ski, however it wasn't real great at really high speed GS turns.

Both were very smooth and stable. I don't know if I would call either ski "damp" though.
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Havent tried the B2's yet, but I got to demo the Hot's one time and I bought them the next week. I have never felt a ski power through every type of condition like the Hot's do! The first 100ft that I skied during my demo, I immediately knew that I had to buy them!!! I just got them last week and only have one day on them so far, but I would have to recomend them very highly. I cant even explain how awesome these things feel!! [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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I tried both the B1 and B2 at Timberline. I currently ski a Bandit X and I'm totally pleased with it for our mid Atlantic skiing. However, when I tried the B1, it felt like a noodle - just all over the place. Maybe it wasn't properly tuned but it just didn't feel good. Then I tried the B2 and was very pleased. It did what I wanted. It held an edge on ice and felt stable at a moderate speed and in crud. Carving was lots of fun. I didn't have any real powder so that I can't say. I skied the same length of my X for both the B1 and B2.
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Early in the season a friend of mine and I both demoed the B2 and the Hot. I liked the way the B2 felt while turning. It seemed to turn section by section in a linear fashion, whereas the Hot seemed to turn more in one piece. Don't know whether you can make any sense of that statement, but that is how I thought about it. Two votes for the B2.
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