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I don't know a lot of the differences in bindings.


Can anyone tell me the difference between Rossi's Axial and Axium bindings? Would it make a difference if putting them of some V. Bridges? I'm not a park rider - more all mountain, few small jumps and trees here and there.


I've read a few threads - appears Looks (which I believe are the same as Rossi/Dynastar, yes?) are pretty popular. Maybe Salomon's too...


Any thoughts on what might be better for these mid-fat twins, rossi/look/Dynastar (Axial 120 or Axium 110/ Look PX's/ Dyns.PX lifter) or Salomon (Z12 Ti)??


What impact does the "lifter" have in the PX? Good or bad for mid-fats all mountain use?


Thanks - for the record, only about 150lb and not a super aggressive skier, but want something I can be confident with.