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Ski length question

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I have recently got back into skiing after about 6 years.  When I stopped, I was an advanced intermediate, and still felt pretty rusty most of this year.  I am going to buy some new skis and have decided on twin tip Salomon Lords.  This will be my only pair of skis and I ski mt hood/bachelor exclusively.  My question is since this will be my first twin tip ski (not to mention my first parabolic), what length should I choose?  is this a good ski for me?   I would like to leave some room for improvement and not have to buy a new ski in a year.  I am 6'0 and 190 lbs.



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You could go with either the 177 or the 185. If you like to ski faster, more off-piste, and plan to take a few lessons, then the 185 for sure. If you're looking for something to just have fun on, stick to groomers, not planning to take lessons, then the 177 will make you happier. 

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^^^ What he said ^^^

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I'd probably error on the long side since twin tips ski shorter than their actual length.

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