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volkl kendo sizing

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im really considering getting the volkl kendo and ive read a TON of information on here and other places and im still not sure what size to get! alright im a advanced skier, 5'9 140 and go skiing out west at lake tahoe every year. I love to tear up the groomers and im kinda new to powder but im catching on quickly. I would say that i spend 60 on piste 40 off. As of right now i would say groomers are my top priority but closely followed by the fresh stuff. Im also new to tree skiing but i would like form them to be able to be the right size for that. The options are 170cm 177 184 191

Thanks, Nick 

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I'm 5' 11" / 165 pounds and have the 177cm.  I could probably handle the 184 just fine, and in that same sense you could probably handle the 177cm just fine as they're only a few cms taller than you... but I doubt you'd feel like the 170cm were too short, either, considering they're just a bit shorter than yourself.  I think it comes down to your personal preferences on length in this case more than any specific sizing / fit based on your specs.

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would you say that you are mostly on or off the groomers? thanks a lot

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Nick what length/type skis are you on now? I'm 5'7 170#, my twin tips are 177. I'd recommend the 177 if you are skiing advanced terrain.

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For the past few years ive been on a set of k2 groomers. That have really been a great ski but now im looking for something to let me do things that this ski simply couldnt do ive really grown out of them.They where 156cm i believe. Im 16 so ive grown a lot since then I was like 5'5 when I bought them 3 years ago. Im assuming that I will be another 1/2 inches taller by next season so im leaning toward the 177, just want to here your guys opinions.  Thanks!

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If you're still getting taller then I'd definitely go for the 177cm...

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