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I already posted that above (post #5). I did find the local newspaper microfilm has much more information on the ski area.

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I already posted that above (post #5). I did find the local newspaper microfilm has much more information on the ski area.

Thanks. In the 2 years since this thread began, I guess I had forgotten that.


Was this link posted already?

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"Ski the Great Potato" released November 2013 is currently available for sale at:


Chris's Books in Weiser 

Family Books and Bargains in Ontario

The Benchmark in Boise


Greenwoods Ski Haus in Boise

McU's Sports in Boise

Idaho State Capitol Gift Shop in Boise

Idaho Mountain Touring in Boise

Rediscovered Books in Boise.


Or direct from the publisher:

More ski shops and book stores are being added all the time.

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Got my book from Amazon today.. pretty good reading so far.

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Glad  to know "Ski the Great Potato" is now available on

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Ski the Great Potato: Idaho Ski Areas, Past and Present
by Margaret Fuller, Doug Fuller and Jerry Painter

“Ski the Great Potato –Idaho Ski Areas Past and Present” has been selected as a winner of this year’s International Skiing History Association’s Skade Book Award.   You'll find the histories of the 21 current Idaho ski areas and of the 72 historical or "lost" areas in this interesting new book. The book gives the basic facts about each area and how it started, and it includes little stories of some of the people who skied at each one. There are stories of stolen snow plows, an exploding stove, and a young woman who on a very cold night froze to the seat of a porta-pottie.


 While researching the microfilms of Idaho newspapers, we found many hidden and forgotten stories of ski area startups in the weekly papers. It was almost always a community deal: meet in the basement of the drugstore on Tuesday night; we are forming a ski club, says the paper. A rancher, farmer, or mechanic promises to donate an engine for the rope tow. No rope for the tow? No problem, we'll hold a box lunch social, or sell ski club memberships that include free skiing. No land for a tow?


 We can arrange for Forest Service land, or lease land from private owners, have it logged, and pay the lease with the proceeds. One ski area made a movie of cars and buses stuck in the mud and showed it around town to motivate public officials to pave the road.


 Many Idaho ski areas were successful only because of the major support and pure goodwill of community businessmen like Warren Brown and Jack Simplot. Most of the ski areas had the investment of several local businessmen who are not as well known as those two, but were vital in developing small ski areas such as Cottonwood Butte and Rotarun.


 Our research uncovered the amazing determination of the few men and women who started Idaho's ski areas, especially the ones in remote areas. A 13-member Lions Club built a ski area from scratch, including buying a used Pomalift from a bigger ski area. When cement trucks couldn't drive up its steep hill to pour the foundations for the towers, they used a backhoe bucket and shovels to mix the cement by hand. Then they hauled an old schoolhouse 20 miles on dollies to the base of the lift for a lodge. Another area converted an old chicken coop. No ski lift or likely way to get one? One early ski hill was run by boy scouts who used horse-drawn toboggans as ski lifts.


 $22.95, published by Trail Guide Books, ISBN 978-0-9911561-0-8 or like

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“Ski the Great Potato –Idaho Ski Areas Past and Present” , forward by Picabo Street , Winner of the 2014 International Skiing History Association’s Skade Book Award.


Available at:
Boise: The Benchmark, Greenwood's Ski Haus, McU Sports Sports, Idaho Mountain Touring, Rediscovered Bookshop, Idaho State Capitol Gift Shop, Idaho State Historical Society Gift Shop, Hastings - East Boise, Hastings - Overland
Sawtooth Valley: Jerry’s Country Store, Riverwear, McCoy’s Tackle , Smiley Creek Lodge, Stanley Museum
Challis: The Bent Rod, Yankee Fork State Park Museum
Garden Valley: “Book’s in the Attic” at the Wander Inn
Twin Falls: Elevation Sports
Sun Valley: Chapter One, Iconoclast Books, Backwoods Mountain Sports
Idaho Falls: Kelly Canyon Ski Resort
Wallace – Kellogg: Lookout Pass Ski Area
McCall: Hometown Sports
Driggs: Peaked Sports
Cambridge: Kaye York Gallery
Weiser: Weiser Library, Chris's Books in Weiser
Ontario: Family Books and Bargains

Online: , , and

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Ski the Great Potato: Idaho Ski Areas, Past and Present 

ISBN 978-0-9911561-0-8

is available for $22.95, list price from the publisher Trail Guide Books,

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I saw the poster "Ski the Great Potato" on the wall at the Pines Motel in Driggs, Idaho a few weeks ago.  Pretty cool, and made me think of this..

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Follow "Ski the Great Potato" at


Blizzard Mountain was up and running in Feb 2016,  Blizzard Mountain which is run by the Arco Lions Club and about 4 miles from the Craters of the Moon N.M. was open for operation on Saturday February 20th from about 10 AM. The lower part of the mountain was packed and provided great skiing and boarding. The area from the 9th tower to the summit was unpacked and wind-crusted and was open for expert skiers. The lodge was open with the barbecue lit for grilling.  Lift tickets are $10 from the Arco Lions club.  

Prior to Feb 20th opening the Lions club spent some time on inspection, diagnostic and adjustments of the platter lift. Blizzard Mountain had some big trouble with a tower that got pulled over onto the haul line. They were able to get some help from Lost River Electric with an experienced linemen with appropriate equipment to safely remedy the situation.. .


A little excerpt from




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This thread needs a bump.  I thought I had "Ski the Great Potato" purchased last Christmas from Abebooks, but the bookstore couldn't locate it.

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