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fischer motive 76

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This is supposed to be an intermediate ski, but the specs look pretty good for me. I am a bit older, being 59 next season, and not so big, about 5'6". I have been agonoizing over what to get for next season, looking over a number of options, this one just sort of popped up. Mostly frontside, maybe a few bowls, ocasional bumps, mostly single blacks, with some blue cruisers thrown in there.My double black says are pretty much over, unless the conditions are perfect. I was looking at the Hart Pulse, but was steered away in favor of the Blizzard 81 by people who know a lot more about it than I do. I would like somethihg a little thinner, which I am more used to and easier to throw around, and easier to ski, not so strong or flexible these days. Any opinions? Will this be enough ski for me, or should I go for something geared for more advanced? I will be sking Steamboat.

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I don't know about the 76 but I've been skiing the 80 this spring and it's a remarkable ski that seems to have flown under the radar. Does everything that you describe pretty well without being the least bit demanding. I'm your age and bigger/taller on the 175 and probably a more aggressive skier but I'd take a look at them.

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Thanks Steve, I think I will be going with 160. Now the question is 76 or 80. Anyone have thoughts?

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@oldschool1 - I have a pair of Fischer Motive 76's in 160cm - for sale.  I really had a lot of fun on these skis and advanced quite a bit on them, but at 5' 11" they're just too short for me at this point (my new everyday ski is 177cm).  But at your height they'd be a much better fit.


Photos here if you're interested:

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i have the 76 in 160cm and am your height.  imo its a totally underrated ski. 

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